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Losing Hope Essay

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“Hopppeee,”Grace beckoned. My high school sister’s voice carried through the open screen door of our house. Even though we went to different schools, we left at the same time. My mother never trusted me to make it to my fourth grade classroom on my own, so, she left that job to my sister. In return, she got an extra dollar on her allowance each week! I am nine years old, thank you very much! There is no need to babysit me on the way to school. I know very well, not to be attracted when someone calls, “free candy,” and pulls up in a white van. Either way, mom said I have to be walked, so, there we are every day, walking, side by side, to Lincoln Elementary. But still, she is getting paid. ...view middle of the document...

The toothbrush danced across the surfaces of the white bones in my mouth. I spit and watched the soapy blue grossness, mix in with fresh water and drifted down the drain. I looked up and saw the reflection of the familiar braid of brunette hair, laying across my shoulder. My lips parted just enough for the glistening, of my teeth to be seen in the mirror. “Come oonnnnn Hopieeeee!” Mother sang.
Just as they had before, my feet carried me down the stairs to my awaiting mum. “Alright,” she exclaimed. “I assume those teeth are brushed this time, so let’s get the show on the road.” Crossing the kitchen, I played hopscotch along the tile floor. Quigley, our brown mutt, jumped up in excitement behind me and his paws too, bounded down the tile floor. “Sorry Quigs, but I’m not sure that is quite how you play,” My mom jokingly explained. She reached down to pat his head and he wagged his tail, as if to say, “I love you too!” With that, the Quig man pranced over to me, wanting attention from his favorite person in the world. “Here bud, I got some snacks that smile back!” I tossed them into the air just so he could reach. But, like all the other times, his big, brown, dog lips got in the way and the goldfish fell onto the floor. I sighed and then turned in the direction of the stove. “7:45!!” I shouted. “We’re late! We’re late, for a very important date!” My cheeks were pushed up slightly with a grin of satisfaction, knowing that I had found a more appropriate time to use my punch-line.
Giggling, I called back a “goodbye” to Quigley and leaped out the door. Skipping towards the blue minivan, I slung my backpack across my pink covered back and slid the door open. I hopped inside, onto the seat of the dull, gray interior. I considered attempting to persuade my mom to let me sit in the front seat but decided otherwise. Several seconds later, my mom entered the car and turned the key into the ignition. I made a beeping noise as the car backed out of the driveway. “Where to?” My mother asked me like a taxi driver. “How ‘bout Fifth Street and Broadway? I always did have a thing for the stage.” I replied in my best customer voice. She chortled and pulled onto Lincoln Street. Aww, I thought to myself. Looks like my dreams have to stay on hold.
“Hey Hope?” “Yeah ma?” I answered. “Do not forget that you have another doctors appointment at noon. I called the school to inform them about it this time.” Really? I thought. Just leave me alone, I don’t need all these pointless doctor visits. Our car pulled in front of the walkway that looks like it was stretched out by Oompa Loompas. I open the door and before it slid all the way closed I mumble, “ The doctors can’t do anything. I will always be this way.” She pulls away from the curb, unhearing what I just said.
Doing the daily trudge down the walkway, I sift my way through the bustling of the school kids. As I walk I am reminded of both the streets of New York City and of the pity. This place holds women who have...

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