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This summer, the NBA will feature a stacked draft class featuring future basketball stars like Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle, and Jabari Parker. These players are so highly coveted that some NBA teams are trying to purposely build a deficient roster to lose games and get a better spot in the draft to pick them. This phenomenon is called “tanking,” and NBA executives are becoming more and more open to this idea. I believe NBA teams that are rebuilding should support tanking because it makes their team better in the long run and ensures they acquire good players they are not guaranteed to get in free agency.
If done correctly, tanking can turn any rebuilding NBA team into a powerhouse. For ...view middle of the document...

The success of these teams proves that tanking can make any team rise to the top of the standings.
Every summer in free agency, there will always be bona fide superstars potentially looking for a new uniform to wear for the next few years. They look for three things: a big basketball market like New York, Los Angeles, or Miami; a team that they know can contend for the playoffs, and a team with the cap space to offer them a big contract. If a small market team does not tank to acquire a good supporting cast, even though they may have the cap space to acquire a talented player, that player will have no interest in joining that team. The Golden State Warriors are a good example of this. A few years of tanking have netted this team their own superstar in Stephen Curry, as well as a few good young players to play alongside him. They even tanked in 2012 to get a top seven pick that they would have otherwise had to trade to Utah if it was outside the top seven (Harrison Barnes). This past season, Curry lead the Warriors to the second round of the playoffs, and all-star forward Andre Iguodala thought highly enough of the Warriors to sign with them. Ever since Iguodala came back from an injury, the Warriors have been a dangerous team; one that would be powerless without tanking.
It is easy to make the argument that the idea of purposely losing games not only goes against the competitive spirit of sports, but it brings the team’s attendance numbers down as well. However, the idea is that attendance will go up once the player(s) the team tanks for is acquired. For example, before the Los Angeles Clippers tanked to draft Blake Griffin first overall in 2009, they consistently ranked low in attendance, finishing 22nd in attendance in 2009. During Griffin’s first NBA season in 2011 (he missed one year due to injury), the Clippers rose to 14th on the list, and once superstar Chris Paul was acquired via trade, the Clippers...

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