Losing My Virginity By Richard Branson

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Review of "Losing my Virginity" by Richard Branson

Book title: Losing My Virginity
Author: Richard Branson
Place of publication: Rainville Road, London, England
Publisher: Virgin Books; Rev Ed edition
Year of publication: June 27th 2002.
Number of pages: 672
ISBN-10: 0753506483
ISBN-13: 978-0753506486


Richard Branson takes the reader on the adventure; which is his life. The author openly discusses his family, friends, sexual escapades, life threatening attempts to fly around the world in a hot air balloon; he also covers his many business endeavors ranging from Virgin Records to Virgin Galactic. Richard Branson offers us an insight into his own unique business philosophy which most of the time contradicts the stuffy nature of traditional business academia.

Background of the Author:
Richard Branson was born in 1950 and educated at Stowe School. In 1966 he borrowed just £4 off his encouraging mother to start up what was to be his first business venture ‘student magazine'. In 1992 Richard reluctantly sold the Virgin Music group to Thorn EMI in a record $1 billion dollar deal. This huge cash flow allowed Branson to embark on many new business ventures such as Virgin Mobile, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Money, Virgin Hotels, and expand old ongoing ventures such as Virgin Atlantic. The Virgin group employs over 50,000 employee's world wide and is a widely recognized and respected brand all over the world.
In 1999 the Queen awarded Richard Branson with a knighthood for his ‘services to entrepreneurship'. Married twice and proud father to a musician son and pediatric doctor daughter, Branson alternates his time between his homes in London and Oxfordshire. Special occasions and holidays are spent among family and friends on his private Island ‘Necker' nestled in the heart of the Caribbean. From his humble beginnings in Tynards farm house in Stowe, he has become one of the most wealthy, charismatic and influential business men of his time. We commend you Sir Richard!
Purpose of the book:
Branson wrote this book to demonstrate how he made Virgin the company and brand it is today. He strives to encourage people to think outside the box, take risks and go with your instincts. For many entrepreneurs young and old Branson autobiography is testament to the fact that once a person is determined and adaptable; success in business is not solely reliant on large financial backing and an academic background.
Branson recognizes that his vision has been criticized
for breaking all the ‘rules' and it is too kaleidoscopic, however many people respect and revere the Virgin Brand and how it came about. Branson wishes to offer the reader an informal non academic read about his life and business vision, in the hope to inspire other entrepreneurs to take a risk and challenge themselves whether it is in a business or personal context.
Content of the book:
When I first sat down to read Branson's autobiography I felt daunted by the...

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