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Losing Myself Essay

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“Don’t Look Behind you” is filled with suspense as Mike the hetman tries to kill the father. The author use of imagery contributes to the story. Duncan’s story was able to contain many of SOAPSTone elements. Duncan wrote “Don’t Look Behind You” in a teenager perspective as her life changed dramatically. The use of suspense to create the mystery element in the story as the Corrigan goes in hiding to run away from a hit man. Don’t Look Behind You” have a speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, subject and tone.
April Corrigan is the speaker and the main character in the story. The book is written in 1st person in April’s view of the story. Her point is honest and open because she tells the reader her feelings of what happening to her. April’s view was not restricted since you can find more than one place either mind or verbally. Duncan wrote her book in the perspective of a teenager as she felt her left falling apart. The occasion was to connect to the young people with her writing. In the larger world, people may be going through the same thing like her book.
Duncan’s audience is young people or teens. The writing in her story is not challenging but, captivating. The purpose of the story is that your decision can affect the lives of others and that you should be thankful for what you have. In the story, her father didn’t think of his family when making the decision of working with the FBI. His decision or selfish desire of wanting to make a name for him ended up putting himself and his family in jeopardy. The father reminded me of Peyton from An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. Peyton didn’t think of the consequences of his action that can affect his family or himself than making a name for himself or fulfilling his selfish desire. The family’s lives changed as they adjust to the effect of the father’s decision. Duncan was able to entertain the reader as the story goes on.
Losing your identity is very difficult situation to go through. In the story, the Corrigan loses their identity. They restart their lives over as strangers to the world and themselves....

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