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Loss Of Freedom In Sedaris' This Old House And Angelou's Caged Bird

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Sedaris constructs his feelings through narrative writing, and Angelou explores her concerns through descriptive writing with the analogy of a bird, they still are exploring the similar topic of perceived loss. The loss of freedom, demonstrated by the demand to uphold a family image, versus the caged bird, remain very similar in both pieces due to perceived entrapment, disappointment and self-nonentity. Descriptive essays leave room for misinterpretation and confusion, where as a narrative essay is straightforward and to the point.
The loss of freedom was expressed quite literally for the caged bird, but in my opinion was also expressed for the young boy. Sedaris reminisces of his childhood, and reflects on the disapproval from his father to express himself freely through something simple, such as clothing. “The way I saw it, the problem wasn’t my outfit but my context. Sure I looked out of place beside a Scandinavian buffet, but put me in the proper environment and I’d undoubtedly fit right in”(Sedaris, 2007). If a person denied something simple, like the right to dress and express themselves, and their feelings, how can he know who he really is? “When I started buying clothes from Goodwill, he really went off, and for good reason, probably. The suspenders and knickers were bad enough, but when I added a top hat he planted himself in the doorway and physically prevented me from leaving the house” (Sedaris, 2007). In Sedaris’ “This Old House” he gives us insight of what his childhood was like, and how his mother’s Scandinavian buffet was the centerpiece of all the family gatherings. In the beginning he seemed perfectly content with his life that is until he starts watching a television show based in the Depression-era. It was this show that opened his eyes, to a simpler time, or so he believed. I loved this narrative because his story is in my opinion very relatable. Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that life is always greener on the other side of the fence. In essence, the neighbor’s life is better than yours. We often tend to make these assumptions without fully understanding what the other person has gone though. “Like anyone nostalgic for a time he didn’t live through, I chose to weed out the little inconveniences: polio, say, or the thought of eating stewed squirrel. The world was simply grander back then, somehow more civilized, and nicer to look at “(Sedaris, 2007).
Narrative essays require much more intellectual clarity, and are by far the superior essay if you want to make sure that you are actually fully understanding of what the author is trying to share. I also believe that narrative essays allow you to absorb more information, more rapidly. The best thing a about narrative essay is, there is little room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation. Sedaris’ essay is based on his childhood memories, and his feelings on his mother’s buffet table. His essay is very straight forward and effectively and concretely, expresses his...

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