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When Ralph's teacher Mrs. Pitt announced that his class was going on a
field trip he felt a surge of happiness and there was an immediate
buzz of excitement throughout the class of thirteen and fourteen year
old children. However, the following words which escaped the teacher's
mouth did not engender the same kind of enthusiasm. The class were
disappointed that visiting the brand new Monster Valley theme park,
was not on the agenda.

A curly ginger boy, whose surprisingly tall figure appeared to be made
solely of knees and elbows, stepped off the bus as his eye caught the
sign that read 'NORTH HELLWITH SEWAGE WORKS'. Ralph sighed in chorus
with his only friend Callum. Callum's frame was stout and his pale
face was painted with spots and freckles. The class was approached by
a man who wore an unpleasant grin.

"Good afternoon children", his words penetrated like when a wooden
chair is dragged across a gym floor. Ralph gave Callum a profound
curious look and then turned his attention back to the leering man. "I
am your guide for this tour of the sewage works, my name is Mr. Red".
On a closer inspection, it came to Ralph's attention that the man had
a tail which spouted from the back of his trousers. 'Nobodies perfect'
thought Ralph.

It seemed that Ralph was not the only pupil losing interest on the
subject of how many light bulbs were in the various rooms of the

Callum was trying to reach his attention.

"Ralph, I'm bored"

"Me too" came the reply.

"I'm off"

"No you're not", as Ralph said this he recalled memories of Callum
achieving other inappropriate feats and began to wonder if this
statement would stand. "Perhaps you are, but I'm not".

Callum glanced around him and when his teacher had turned her back he
strolled away purposefully. Ralph moaned and darted after him like a
lion that had its favourite luncheon snatched from under its nose.

Ralph followed Callum into a pitch black room.

"Callum, get here now!"

"Are you scared?"

"Of course not"

"Come on then" there was a patter of feet and then Ralph heard a
sudden, "AAAARRRRGGHHHH". Ralph fell on the floor in terror and
confusion. He began searching on hands and knees for his glasses which
had fallen off his head. As he crawled he felt his hand squelch into
something soft - without pausing to consider what this mess could have
been he scampered on with an unpleasant smell surrounding him amidst
the dark.

"Callum?" he waited for three or four seconds to pass and then
"Callum? Callum?" still there came no reply, Ralph's stomach slipped
past his trembling knees. In a dazed panic he darted upright and
sprinted for the exit to find the rest of his class. What Ralph didn't
know, is that he was running the opposite way from which he entered….

Ralph fell with a thud and...

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