Lost And Gain Essay

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During the summer of 1929, my father came home furious and very disappointed. Although I didn’t understand what was going on he told me that there were going to be some changes in our life. My dad fired all of our servants and sold most of our properties. We moved from Long Island to Santa Monica, California and bought a house. It wasn’t big as the other one, but it was comfortable.
I am the only child in this family. My mom never made time for me and was seldom home. I grew up with a nanny, and because of that, I see her as my mom. I can say that my mom didn’t want children because, if she did, she would have raised me and taken care of me. Instead she went on trips around the world and I ...view middle of the document...

My mom doesn’t do anything in the house, and I am the one who has to clean everything in the house because she is just too lazy to do anything. I was a little worried because she never goes out alone. She always goes out with my dad or with me. As I was cleaning the house, I found a note that said “I’ll be back later going to watch a tennis tournament with my friend Jordan baker in San Francisco”. My dad brought my mom a used car that he brought from his friend. It was not a surprise for me that she decided to go and have fun because that was her usual life. But now that we have limited amount of money, we can’t afford to waste it on unnecessary things such as taking trips.
Around 8:40 p.m., I decided to turn on the radio news and heard that a fog caused a 20 car accident near San Luis Obispo, many people were injured. I was hoping that my mom was not there but she was driving that way. I told my dad about the accident, but he said not to worry because my mom was a good driver. Through the whole night I couldn’t sleep thinking about the news, my dad did sleep through the whole night because he was tired and needed that rest, so that in the morning he could go to work. In the morning, I was getting ready to go to school when I saw my mom’s best friend Jordan Baker standing at the door.
Jesus, you startled me. I wasn’t expecting you here.
It’s been a real day for expectations. I am here to take you and your dad to the hospital I been driving around the block for an hour because I couldn’t find the house. Your mom didn’t give me her address or anything, but she told me the city was Santa Monica.
I am grateful that you showed up because my dad and I haven’t heard about my mom since yesterday.
I can see that. Where’s your coat?
I am going to get one from the closet in a hurry. I…um…my mother…I need to see her…
The hospital reached me? God, I’m sorry.
The hospital?
They asked me if I was a family member, but I told them I was not. I came as soon as possible because they need your dad’s approval to operate on her.
I understand
Where is your dad?
I ran out to my dad’s room to see if he was awake, but he was still sleeping. He’s been so tired this whole week.
Wake up your dad and tell him that we have to leave right now.
I told my dad the...

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