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Hayley JeffersMrs. SomervilleEnglish 2 Honors18 August 2014Lost in LousianaIn the historical fiction, Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys there are many different trials and tribulations. The main character, Josie, works at a book shop with Patrick. Her mother works for a woman named Willie as a prostitute in New Orleans, Louisiana. The time is 1950 and people are still very prejudice and unfair to people but Josie is respectful of them. Josie is very friendly, as are the rest are the women in the house, with the servants. Throughout the story, Josie finds that her abilities to be friendly, careful in her actions, and her perseverance help her to be a better person.Josie stands out throughout the entire story because of her friendliness compared to the rest of the people in New Orleans. Because of this, she is respected by many of her peers. The rest of her peers do not want anything to do with her because of the business that her mother takes part in, despite what Josie acts like. In the book, she shows her ability when she meets Forrest Hearne while working in the book store. "I smiled. 'It's my most favorite of all Dickens. It's so inspiring, thinking that David Copperfield was based on Dickens's own life, that someone could overcome that kind of suffering and poverty to finally achieve happiness.'" (Sepetys 23) In that excerpt, she shows an inspiring amount of consideration for the character of Forrest Hearne and his selection of book. She is relating to the book and to him about her opinion in a civil manner.Throughout the entire story, Josie thinks of every possible outcome of every single thing that she does. She is very careful about her actions and makes sure that she doesn't do anything against Willie or her friends. She thinks about her mother's choices and how they impacted her and she...

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