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Lost In The Forest Essay

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In the late afternoon, under a clear light blue sky on the busy streets. When the school bells ring and the clock strike 6.00pm, all the student running out of their class, some are happy and some aren’t. The student just have an exciting day at school and they are very please, they also have something to tell their parents about this school day. But some of them are sad because they have to say goodbye to their friends. John have just finish his hard-working day at school and ready to go home and enjoy a wonderful, delicious dinner with his family. Enthusiastically, John runs to the car-park to get his bicycle, wear his helmet and ready to go home.

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John take a deep breath, the salty clean air refresh his soul and bring him to the magical world. The birds chirp their songs for John to hear. The wind blows at his face and touch his ears, it is very cool and refreshing. John can smell the wonderful aroma of flowers waking up his senses and sending the sweet smell to his nostrils. Far away, John can see the seagulls flying, he can see the sandcastles lying on the beach. John feel calm and relax. As he goes, the sparkling-crescent moon seems to follow, It’s very bright and luminescent like a white orb in the night. It was beautiful and magical

John leaves the beach and about to go home, he enters the forest for shortcuts. Suddenly, John looks around curiously and his face soon turn afraid and anxious. John is lost in the dark forest and he don’t know what to do. No light penetrates, he can feel the scary wind pass him slowly and coldly. All around he can hear the noises that during the day he doesn’t notice seems to magnify and goes louder then leaves a sudden silent. John turns and trying to hear again, there is a howling sound beyond the mountain. Could it be a wolf or a bear ? He keep questioning himself and terrify. John tries to ride the bike fast as he can to escape this ghostly place. In his mind, an image of his family appears. No, he must find a way back home, he can’t give up. John look back behind, a vast area cover by darkness blunt all the scenery behind him. John desperately try to run, but he can’t, John exhausted and he’s like...

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