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Anh CaoEnglish 101Essay 1Lost In White CenterSince September 28, 2013, I have kept asking myself how I could be so lucky to be still alive and safe. What would have happened to me if nobody were kind enough to help me? Even my friends, Frank and Huy, who have stayed with me in the same house, also had the same questions. In October 2013, Frank took me home everyday because I was still scared and so did he. The reason he did that for me was because it was very dangerous for an international student who had just arrived to US for a month to go out on my own. I barely knew any places and directions; as the result, I got lost in White Center, which was considered as a dangerous place, at night with a "dead cellphone".It should have been a very happy day in my life because I just moved to a big and clean place with a cheap price. However, it had a disadvantage that my new house was far away from my current school, Seattle Central Community College (SCCC). Whenever I went to school, it took me about 45 minutes. Furthermore, I was studying ESL program at SCCC, which is always held in the afternoon, and my last class ended at 5 o'clock. It was not a big deal, but in the fall, the sunset is quite quickly, so it was already dark when I got out of my class. The story began when I went back to my new house by myself for the first time. Frank wanted to take me home, but he was busy with his assignments. He told me that I could take either the bus number 125, which stops right in front of my house, or the bus number 120, which stops nearby my house. I knew that my phone's battery was very low so I brought my portable charger. Therefore, I used my phone without saving the battery for whole day. After class, I found my way to return to downtown to take the bus number 125. My phone's battery was about to die, so I took out my portable charger, but I could not charge my phone because I forgot my phone charger core. Even my cellphone would out of battery soon, I still tried to use my phone to find my way to get back home by using Google maps because it was the only choice. At that time, I had been to downtown for only twice or three times, so I did not get used to the way there. I did not know any bus stops, so I walked around downtown for 10 minutes. It was difficult to use Google Maps since I did not use this application before I came to the US. I was so confused about the way the app showed me. Instead of making a right turn, I just went straight and started to freak out because I could not find the bus stop to get home, and my phone almost died. But finally, I found the right bus stop to get back home.When I got to the bus stop, my phone died, so I could not check how long it would take for the bus 125 to come. I just sat down and waited for the bus at the station. Then I was so hungry and wanted to eat something. I went to Walgreens and bought for myself some candies, such as M&M, Kit Kat, and Snickers for my stomach not to sound. I took the candies out...

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