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My Lost Love
It was ever so dark that evening. It hurt to look at her. It was like looking at my heart barely beating on the floor. I couldn't stand it. Love never hurt me this much. I can't believe this happened. Why me? Why her? Why us? In an instant it was over. I remember the first time we met. It was actually kind of funny. She was walking her dog. Actually, the dog was walking her. I was reading a poem and walking along. When all of the sudden, we collided. The second I looked up into her eyes, I fell for her harder than an avalanche off of Mount Everest. I think she felt the same way because we didn't look away for what seemed like 5 hours. We talked in the park for about an hour and a half. She told me her name was Kristeen Thorne and told me that she was a new student at Orangeville High School; the same school I attended. We found that we had six out of seven classes together, which was a very good thing. I asked her to go out with me that Friday night. We went to the movies first, and then we went to Vinnie Vicci's Italian restaurant. The date was perfect and the person I was with made the date seem like Heaven. We dated non- exclusively for about one month. On our one month anniversary, I gave her my letter jacket which I earned playing varsity football. And while I did that, I asked her to date exclusively. She answered my question so fast I didn't realize that she said yes. We started going out together almost every weekend and talked on the phone all night and walked with each other to class everyday, and I gave her a ride to and from school everyday. We had been going out for about 3 months. The student body voted us cutest couple of the year. We had to get our pictures taken for the year book. We went to the spring dance together and were voted the king and queen of the dance. Then the school year came to an end. That summer we spent most of the time together. We went to Kyber Lake for the Fourth of July weekend. My dad let us borrow his boat for the weekend, and we stayed at a camp ground. On Friday, when we got there, I took the boat for a test drive to see if it was still running. It's was working. I took her to the little secret cove that only I knew. We stayed in that cove for about 2 hours just talking and kissing and gazing at each other. At that time, the only thing I was hoping for was that this moment never would end. When I looked into her soft blue eyes, I was completely under her spell. We would stare into each others eyes and then kiss. Her soft, tender lips caressing mine, and all I could do was watch the magic. She had this touch. It was like an angel touching my soul. We went back to camp about 9 :30 p.m..
On Saturday, some friends came and camped with us for the rest of
the weekend. We were on the boat most of the time at the lake
skiing, tanning, and show- boating. The summer flew by faster
than light. When school started, our feelings had increased.
This year we only had 3 classes together, but it didn't...

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