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Lord of the Flies is a novel by William Golding which is about a group of schoolboys who get stranded on a Pacific island and face the consequences of being away from society. Throughout the text many ideas are developed such as fear. Golding makes the idea of fear memorable by presenting it to us through the behaviour of the characters and significant events, such as the children’s innocence, the arrival of the dead airman, and Simon’s death.
Fear first comes to exist on the island through the power of the boys’ minds and dreams. As young children our lives are focused around games and adventure, much like the island which is a world of children’s games. However, in this society they have created there are no parents to bring these games to an end, but law and discipline still strongly influence the actions and morals of the boys which have been enforced on them in the outside world. Even without the presence of parents and authority to impose the laws of society, a sense of the forbidden is still strong, for instance when Roger is throwing stones at Henry but deliberately misses because “round the squatting child was the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law”. However, this sense of society cannot protect the boys from the power of their own imaginative minds which is unleashed at night, conjuring up a vivid sense of fear and unease in the form of nightmares of terrifying beasties. “They dream… they talk and scream. The littleuns. Even some of the others. As if… the beastie or snake-thing was real.” This shows us how the boys’ childish innocence makes it hard for them to distinguish between their dreams and reality, especially without their parents to reassure them, creating an unidentifiable threat to security through their own fear. This shows us that however protected a society is, nothing can truly shield a child from their own imagination and fear. Fear is a product of our own minds.
As the boundaries of society start to fade in the minds of the boys, the fear that has been conceived escapes from the mind and takes on a more realistic form. Throughout the novel, the ‘bigguns’ have chosen to deny the idea of a beastie, but they are all aware of...

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