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Lots Of Writing For Music Essay

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Soul had a great cultural impact on the music industry during the 1960's, especially considering that record labels such as Motown, Stax, and Fame had several important soul artists under contract. While Motown was considered by some to be a more restrained (pop) type of soul, musicians such as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder and groups such as the Supremes and the Temptations released many successful records in combination. Both Stax and Fame Records decided to take a different approach, and many of the tracks issued out of their respective studios were of a grittier, southern soul style, which some consider to be more true to the roots of African American culture. Some southern soul ...view middle of the document...

Bob Dylan was a respected folk musician during his early years; his early songs utilized the traditional folk format and touched on subjects such as the Civil Rights Movement ("Blowin' in the Wind") and Vietnam War ("Masters of War"). As he became influenced by rock and British Mersey beat, his methods changed and so increased his desire to experiment with electrical instruments in his music. These changes can be heard clearly in such songs as "Like a Rolling Stone" and "Positively 4th Street". This was a huge break from traditional folk roots, and caused a lot of controversy within the folk community since the genre only permitted the use of acoustic instruments. Dylan’s break from folk culture to a more rock-oriented style was generally frowned upon by the folk community, and even more-so among “folkie” veterans such as Pete Seeger, who felt that Dylan had turned his back on him.
Subsequently following the first wave of rock & roll and preceding the British invasion, the American pop scene was mostly comprised of teen idols, girl-groups, and doo-wop based bands (i.e. the Coasters and the Beach Boys). There was also some attention focused on rockabilly, the folk revival, and sweet soul. Nevertheless, many styles, musicians, and bands would come to be influenced by the British styles derived from the British invasion. Bob Dylan for example, was influenced by Mersey beat, which inevitably led to him becoming one of the founding fathers of folk rock. The instrumentation heavily utilized by the Byrds is another great example of a British influence. A staple of their music comes from a 12-string guitar, made famous by George Harrison of the Beatles. Further, the influence of British blues and skiffle can be distinctly heard in the music of American bands such as The Rascals and the Spencer Davis Group.
Despite both bands being similar in the instance that they were from the same country, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were represented very differently from one another, both through their respective music and mannerisms. The Beatles’ music was much more pop-oriented, taking influence from American musicians such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Motown records and even girl-groups to name a few. Many of the Beatles' early songs were about teenage love, holding hands, and that sort of thing ("I Want to Hold Your Hand"). In contrast, the Rolling Stones’ music was heavily blues-oriented; taking influence from 1950s Chicago blues artists including Muddy Waters and Little Walter. Music of the Stones' proved to be controversial in American society, especially after rumors circulated regarding the lyrics of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction". Distinctions can also be seen in the bands’ respective appearances and attitude. While both bands were charismatic, the Beatles were passed off as charming, stylish and polite; the Stones on the other hand: more provocative, casual and rude. While both bands were extremely successful in the United States, the Beatles...

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