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Louis Armstrong
Inspirational Mind
There are many influential minds that have made a huge inspirational impact on society and the 21st century. Louis Armstrong changed the culture of American musical figures to the public. In my opinion he has had outstanding artistic achievement and is one of the people in the world that can be accounted for making a difference. His work actually proceeds the growing interest in civil rights change. Louis Armstrong is most known for his work of Jazz. Just the nature of music and Jazz was valued more everywhere (Merod, 2011).There was an attitude shift when his music went worldwide, people where more self-asserted and motivated by him. There was a widespread stretch of knowledge of creativity all around the world causing a growing interest in African-American creativity. He strategically worked his way up and was capable of maintaining his composure in the hall of celebrities. According to research, “Armstrong pointed a way out of the rabbit hole in which music in the first decades of the twentieth century was snuggly enclosed, mostly as danceable entertainment, and only that, a diversion within the orderly world of labor’s anxiety and capital’s boredom” which is a hard thing to do in my opinion (Merod, 2011).
Louis Armstrong’s work appeals to humanity in various ways because he exemplified African Americans does have legal rights within the state itself to commit acts in public that would regularly be regulated centuries ago! Louis Armstrong was seen as a political item because in the past there was segregation. The momentum Armstrong built was very open to the public, “Armstrong’s “manhood” was never tarnished or bruised because it was always right in front of everyone without ambivalence or evasion.” (Merod, 2011). He initiated a new way of life which was expression matters in other ways than war. There are different ways to express yourself and music is one of them. Music is a part of demonstration allowing the public to acknowledge there are other ways to express yourself other than chaos and pandemonium.
He exposed something about tactics throughout his life which impacted his career as an artistic Jazz Artist. Louis Armstrong symbolized someone who “challenged American values and attacked racial hierarchy” which is needed to make a change (Hersch, 2002). He made this song called “Black and Blue” signifying that people should not mess with anything they do not know anything about (Hersch, 2002). Growing up he even refused to straighten his hair to get more involved with racial hierarchy. He symbolized that you do not have to have straighten hair and follow all the stereotypes publicity wants you to have in order to be wealthy. Armstrong had enough power to cancel important events. During President Eisenhower’s election, Louis Armstrong had a tour and cancelled it because the government “was not nice to his people in the South” (Hersch, 2002). He achieved exerting power over the media and a voice...

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