Louis Riel: A Hero Or A Traitor?

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Was Louis Riel a hero or a traitor? Well, some individuals say that he was a hero, and others say that he was a traitor. Individually I believe that Louis Riel was a hero because he was the forefather of Manitoba, which is a province of Canada. The fact that he was a persuasive politician and spiritual leader made him a hero as well. Lastly, he stood up for Native rights. Others like the British had thought of him mostly as a traitor, because they were not able to understand that Louis Riel had just needed the Canadian government to treat his people fairly, and that he was willing to do everything for his people. Instead the government had thought that he was violent and evil, so a threat to them. Most people who had seen him as a traitor had realized that he did everything for his people…after his hanging.

My first reason for saying that Louis Riel was a hero is that he was the founder of Manitoba which is why he said things like "I know that through the grace of God I am the founder of Manitoba" or “And the province of Manitoba? Without our provisional government it would still be nothing more than a colony tied to the apron strings of Canada. I deserve to be called the Father of Manitoba.” I think that the second quote, is kind of exactly what I think as well, because if there was no Louis Riel, there would be no Métis provisional government, meaning that Manitoba would be nothing more than a colony tied to the apron strings of Canada. That is why he should be called the father of Manitoba. Some people see him as the father of Manitoba, like the Métis, and that shows that they too show loyalty and consider Louis Riel a great hero.

Secondly, my second thought is that he was an influential politician and a spiritual leader. If you are a noble leader and a swaying politician, most...

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