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There were many negative comments and many positive comments about Louis XIV and his court. In Louis XIV’s court, the closer a person was to the king, or the more he did for a person, the more that person likes him. The more distant you were from the king, the more you disliked him.
People that were more distant from the king disliked him more. Madame de Motteville’s Account of The Parisian Disturbances (which was a second hand account) painted a positive picture of the court. Madame de Motteville was a person who was closer to the king. She painted a positive picture because she liked the king due to her good position in the court. “And without considering the duty they owed to Marshal La Meilleraye, they threw rocks at him.” (I, 24) The quote reflects that she thinks of the nobles and upper class as better, and assumes they are correct, while the peasants are lesser and wrong. She states in the above quote that the peasants threw rocks without thinking of the duty that they owed to the Marshal. She disregarded reasons why the peasants would be throwing rocks and went straight to why the peasants should not be throwing rocks.
Jean-Baptiste Colbert, who was a French minister, held the king in high esteem because he had a good position in the royal courts. “He [Colbert] also thought that it would be necessary to strike a large number of medals, to consecrate for posterity the memory of the great deeds which the king had already achieved and which he foresaw would be followed by deeds even greater and more noteworthy.” (VIII, 200) Colbert thought so highly of the king that he assumed the above quote. He thought of the king so highly because of the good position he had and how much the king liked him.
Primi Visconti, who was well connected at court, also favored the king and the court. He stated (of the king) “He had a grand, majestic air, and by his stature and demeanor you could tell that if he hadn’t already been a king, he would have deserved to be one in the eyes of the beholders” (II,59). Visconti had many positive things to say about the king and was very biased towards Louis XIV. Visconti complimented him on everything from the way he talked to the acts Louis XIV did.
Colbert had very high expectations for the King and his information his received. The document, Colbert’s Instruction for the Commissioners Have Been Sent into the Provinces, shows this when it states “if they [the maps] are not correct or even not detailed enough, they are to see if they can find some capable and intelligent enough person to redraw them.” (III, 85) Colbert liked the court and wanted the court to have accurate information so that the court did not look stupid.
La Case, who...

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