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I’ve been told that buying the Louisiana Territory will bring me great fortune, and wealth. It will bring me more U.S. citizens, and it will bring me more trade routes. All this sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Yes, but it can lead to taxation, debt, or borrowing money from hated bankers across the pond. I believe that predicament can go both ways, because it could bring me more money, or maybe it won’t. It could bring me more land for construction and farming, and it could lead to expansion, and a bigger change. Or the whole thing can backfire in my face, but maybe it won’t. I honestly believe this would be a good thing because it would bring me so much, not exactly wealth, but it could bring me so much more due to other economic factors.
Let’s see, a bigger change, expansion, money? All things that are scarce in this economy. All thing you have to put up a fight for. Would it be worth it? Paying $15 million for land that could possibly bring me more bad than good. One that could possible bring fights, and rebellion towards me. Rebellion towards me for what reason? Giving you freedom, making you a citizen of the country that I so loyally rule? Giving you the rights that I really don’t have to?
Now slow down, Thomas. It doesn’t have to go that way. It can go the other way. It can lead to all the good things. It can lead to the opposite of the things you just thought of. It can lead to people willing to trade more, willing to raise taxation, willing to do all the good things. Not fight me, not rebel against me but back me up and be there and support me. Now, don’t get ahead of yourself, the taxation thing will more than likely not happen, but it’s worth a shot.
Now, the $15 million. How can I get it? I can either borrow from the bankers across the pond, or I can raise taxes. Raising taxes can put my original people to rebel against me. Would that be worth it? Getting all the people who voted for me to hate me? Well, either way I’ll have to raise...

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The Louisiana Purchase Essay

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Louisiana Purchase Essay

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