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Love: A Recipe For Disaster In Shakespeare´S Romeo And Juliet

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The dramatic play of Romeo and Juliet, written by the famous English poet; William
Shakespeare in the mid 1590’s, is about two “star-crossed” lovers from rival families that have
despised each other since ancient times. The play takes place in the city of Verona, Italy when a
brawl engages by the feuding families; The Capulets and The Montagues. The Prince, filled with
exasperation, explains that if anyone disrupts the peace once again, the punishment will be death.
Further into the play, lovers from the feuding families meet each other and instantly fall in love.
Romeo, a Montague, and Juliet, a Capulet, are willing to do anything for love and will put their
trust in fate. Romeo and ...view middle of the document...

5.169). This demonstrates how frantic and stubborn her father is towards
pressuring Juliet to wed Paris. He is filled with such absurd exasperation, that he threatens to
disown her, his only daughter, if she does not succumb to his will as stated “and you be not,
hang, beg, starve, die in the streets. For, by my soul, I’ll never acknowledge thee” (3.5.202-203).
This quotation demonstrates how persistent Lord Capulet is toward Juliet marrying Paris which
makes it more troubling for Juliet as the marriage seems to be set in stone. This is an excellent
example of how love does not run smoothly because Juliet’s feelings toward Romeo is perfect
true love and this is why she went against her father’s will and married Romeo. This long spark
of true love does not last very long after a forceful marriage to Paris in line. Juliet becomes so
upset about this love triangle that she is willing to die for her true love as she cries out , “and
with this knife I’ll help it presently.” Through her father’s entanglement, the recipe of love has
become complex, confusing, and ultimately, resulted in a disaster.
Romeo’s banishment from Verona creates trembling fear of love between him and Juliet.
A vicious fight engages in which one of Romeo’s good friends; Mercutio is slain by the hot-
headed Tybalt. Romeo, filled with fury, seeks vengeance for this loss and in turn slays...

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