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“I’d rather die than stay away from you.” –Bella tells Edward. Twilight is a romantic novel based on the relationship of a girl named Bella Swan and a vampire named Edward Cullen. The author, Stephenie Meyer, bases her story on the life of Bella and how she met and fell in love with Edward in the city of Forks, Washington. Stephenie Meyer’s inspiration for Twilight came to her after a dream on June 2, 2003, that involved a human girl and a sparkling vampire sitting in a meadow. Twilight was published in 2005 to great success and critical acclaim; it resulted in a saga of four books. This story has a very interesting plot and main themes which may attract people to read it.
Twilight is the story of the relationship between a human and a vampire. At first, Bella moves to Forks, Washington with her father during her junior year of High School. When Bella starts at Forks High School, she is immediately attracted to Edward Cullen, a boy who holds a dark secret which is only ...view middle of the document...

James was able to bite Bella but Edward saved her conversion into a vampire by sucking out the venom and resisting the urge to suck the rest of her blood. Although Bella shares she wants to become a vampire, Edward says he would never want her to become like him. He loves her regardless, the way she is.
Love is a main and the central theme of Twilight. Bella and Edward, a human and a vampire, are able to fall in love with each other aside from all the differences. By showing the love of Bella and Edward, “love is blind” is an important theme of the story. Bella and Edward couldn’t prevent themselves from falling in love with each other. Bella fell in love with a vampire and Edward with a human; something thought to be impossible and unmoral, but they didn’t care. They believed their love was more powerful and important than what others thought or believed with morally right. Also, Bella is supposed to be Edward’s prey but their love can withstand his urge of sucking her blood. They go against all odds because their love is supposed to be forbidden.
Decision making and choices are other themes in Twilight. The Cullens are the first family of vampires to make the choice of not suppressing to the natural desire of human blood. Also, Bella and Edward make the choice of being in a relationship aside from the fact Edward could be urged to kill Bella at any point. Bella decides to put herself at risk and Edward to put the one he loves at risk. Their love is what pushes them to make these decisions and choices throughout the whole story. Hence, Bella says she wants to be a vampire because of her love for Edward, but Edward made the decision of not making her a vampire. Edward believes he’s a monster and doesn’t want Bella to become like him.
Twilight is an intriguing story that keeps its audience hooked by the end of the story. The plot and central themes make the story entertaining and a good read for anyone who is into romantic, fictitious novels. Love and the making of decisions occur throughout the whole story showing Bella and Edward’s commitment to each other and their relationship. The love story in twilight might have been wrong and supposedly forbidden, but they were able to surpass the title of “forbidden love” and make it occur. Edward and Bella’s love was so strong, they went against all odds.

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