Love And Caring Can Lean To Success: The Case Of Nelson Mandela And Helen Keller

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Roman poet Horace wrote this quote above above referring to, among other topics, the role it plays in the development of a person and their individuality. It declares that in order for people to develop, there need be adversity. To place this quote under the microscope and analyze this statement is fairly simple. To skim the meat and potatoes, the dessert is that this statement is true. But in essence and nature of scientific process, all claims have to be tested and reasoned by multiple people, so read on and conclude for yourself.

The world needs more people like Nelson Mandela. Because of his time in prison and racial discrimination, among other hardships, Nelson Mandela has faced adversity. While in prison, Mandela grew to understand the equality of man, so decided to dedicate his life to the equality of man. His achievements are quite numerous, including the abolishment of the apartheid and ...view middle of the document...

Even though she was born blind and deaf, she grew. She had to be privately tutored for many years and, although she was just a young, innocent girl when she started, her parents love and support helped her to succeed. And doesn’t everyone have someone like that in their lives? Even though this poor child was forced to have such a hard life, her perseverance has lead her to become an adored author and a remembered advocate for the disabled. The main point is love and caring can lead to success. For without this love and care, the adverse times that one heads through may be too treacherous, and without a loving hand, there may be no way to grow.

Why should you take my word for this fabricated and debatable topic? Because, to put it tersely in two ways, knowledge and experience.To elaborate, I know lots of people from many walks life, each and every one of them having to face some sort of adversity, and all growing from it. And there is also the story of my history, though only clear to me after the fact. If however my evidence is still not enough to satisfy, and I would not be offended nor surprised if it is not, approach this question from your experiences and life.Have you seen the growth of a friend? Or Colleagues? Or Family member? Or simply people you know? Or anyone at all? While it might not be as obviously visible, it exists, so there is no need to take my word for everything. In fact, I encourage an independent analysis of my claims, it simply supports or refutes them, creating a more knowledgeable world, so do so.

My hope is that now my opinion has not only been sufficiently portrayed, but that it has also gained some traction within the audience and community. And to leave the reader with a little brain food to mull over, now that the meat and potatoes is are finished, is that the converse of the original statement. If talents come about by the presence of adversity, the lack of adversity would mean that there is a void of talented people and the like. The scrutiny of such a claim is best left for another time, but it is still an noteworthy idea to ponder while doing nothing in particular.

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