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Love is one of the most difficult concepts to understand, as well as one of the most powerful forces. Many great men and women have endeavored to describe and comprehend love, but did they succeed? Even in stories with no romance love lurks, as previewed in the six books that are, the Aeneid, Beric the Briton, Children’s Homer, A Single Shard, the Two Towers, and the Bible. Most books, including these, highly value love, and the Bible in particular, states that love must be given and received by God’s children. Additionally, almost all of those pieces of literature succeed in their depiction of love.

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“He kissed his son with tears flowing down his cheeks, and Telemachus threw his arms around his father’s neck, but scarce believing that the father he had searched for was indeed before him.” [102] Telemachus searched for his father when all hope had been lost. His father, according to everyone else, was dead. But he and his mother never gave up on Odysseus, who in turn never forgot them. For twenty years, his motivation was his wife and his son. If a situation felt hopeless to him, it did not matter. He would get out of those dilemmas, because he was not living for himself, but for his family.

Penelope, on the other hand, remained steadfast to her husband in a different way. She never remarried, never loved another, and never gave up hope on Odysseus. Such an act of love is, unfortunately, a double- edged sword. “Then husband and wife wept together, and Penelope said, ‘It was the good that did this to us Odysseus, the gods who grudged that we should have the days of our youth.’ ” Her husband was returned to her, and the suitors that gave Penelope so much anguish were driven away, but at a price. Neither Penelope or [nor?] Odysseus retained their youth. Moreover, they were not the same loving couple that had divided twenty year past. Both gained gravity, and twenty years were driven between them. In spite of this, their love never faltered.

Conversely, the Aeneid sees love in a completely different light. Love is a weakness, and may more than likely be your demise. “He only hath touched mine heart and stirred the balance of my soul.” [954, verse 55-56] When Dido grew to love Aeneas, she set down a path of pain and heartache. The poster-girl for a victim of unrequited love, she loved a man who was too obedient to his gods to even think of marrying her. Dido committed suicide because she had given up everything for Aeneas, who took it and left her with nothing.

Unsurprisingly, Dido’s unfortunate end was devised by the gods. Pitiless, cruel gods who did not care whose life they wrecked, as long as they obtained what they sought. But, after all, Dido got in their way, didn’t she? She could have prevented Aeneas from being the perfect pawn, and the Olympians could not risk that, could they? Dido blocked Aeneas from giving his entire, undivided loyalty to the gods, which was a crime that could not be forgiven, apparently. The mortals lorded over by the gods should have known; you must give up everything for the gods. Any other relationship means nothing, and if you are lucky, you will be provided with pre-determined, pre-ordained ones.

On a lighter note, Venus’s love for her son clearly displayed, and she seems to be one of the few gods that actually care for the mortals, or least some of them. “Not such for an one did his mother mostly beautiful vouch him to us, nor twice rescue him from

Fortunately, the Single Shard is not so harsh on the concept of love. Indeed, love is major aspect of this story, though it...

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