Love And Hate According To Medea

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From when Medea first reflects on meeting Jason to the end of the story, her emotions toward him change immensely. Although it is clearly obvious that Medea is not mentally well, the fact still remains that this is a normal range of emotion for someone who went through all she did with Jason. The ups and downs of love have been played and replayed throughout centuries of drama and human life.
When thinking of love, a person would reflect on the beginning of the relationship, or what some people call the ‘honeymoon phase’. In this phase of a relationship people often feel very in love. They want to be around the person all the time and they romanticize changing everything they have to be with that person all the time. Just as Medea makes the rash decision to kill her brother, betray her father, and abandon her homeland for Jason. Although the scale of what is being done for love is slightly askew from today’s point of reference, the things she gives up are attributed to her love for Jason. When Medea is speaking to Jason she says, “…hated by my friends at home, I have, in kindness to you, made enemies of others whom there was no need to have injured.” (Lines 494-496) It is obvious that her love for Jason was very powerful. She also gives up her right to her own crown to leave her home with Jason. She stayed with him, loved him, and bore his children. This is why she is a pitiful character as she explains the plight of her love for Jason. All the tragic things she did to be with him drive her to insanity when he leaves her for a younger bride. His new bride is even of royal blood, which an enduring burn for Medea, who gave up her crown for Jason.
The love that Medea had once had for Jason is not only one but molds into a violent hatred towards him and everyone he holds dear. There is a definite change between the tone of her recalling her love of Jason and when she is...

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