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Love And Hate In Jamestown: John Smith, Pocahontas, And The Start Of A New Nation

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This book begins by describing all of the many different events that are occurring around the world during the year 1606, such as the opening of the play Macbeth and Galileo Galilei publishing a book of the observations of supernova in the sky. During the same year, in late December, three small ships were anchored in London’s River Thames waiting to depart to a new settlement. The three ships were the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery. The Virginia Company of London organized and financed the voyage to begin the new settlement of Jamestown. The crew is very excited to search for gold, silver, and other riches that have supposedly been found in North America. Their previous ...view middle of the document...

Surprisingly, John Smith, who was locked in the crew’s prison at this time, was also one of the seven on the council. Although did not let John Smith assume his role as leader for some time, eventually due to difficult times colonists were willing to accept any possible means of help.
At the beginning, the colony struggled greatly. Jamestown was not only located in a swampy area, but also surrounded by the enemy Indian tribes, not the ally tribes, which were further down river. The lack of “working man” survival skills and motivation also took its toll on the colony rather quickly. Two years after the colonist’s landing, food was scarce and deaths were rising. Many were surprised by how John Smith became a great leader and motivator even during increasingly desperate situations. He strategically created personal relationships (some good, some bad) with the Indians in order to increase the chance of survival of the colonists. Although he was captured and sentenced to death twice by Chief Powhatan, he was saved by Pocahontas, the chief’s daughter. However some historians believe that John Smith was not actually saved by Pocahontas, and that he was actually in an adoption ceremony. Price goes to say that what happened to John Smith can only be described as an imminent execution. He also talks about the romance between Smith and Pocahontas that is emphasized in children’s stories is quite impossible. She was eleven years old during the time she met John Smith, and several years later marries a wealthy colonist names John Rolfe. Rolfe and Pocahontas lived in London for quite some time with their son, Thomas. Before they returned to Virginia, Pocahontas died in England.
Colonists’ increased efforts to gain power over the Indians in Virginia brought about moderate results. The colonists continued to be molested by attacked and affairs. On March 22, 1622 Indians massacred many Jamestown colonists. Constant hate increased tensions and power struggles caused more murders and many more hardships for both colonists and Indians.
As more time went on, the Indian population in comparison to the colonists decreased as more colonists arrived in Virginia. Although times were still tough, colonists were excited to increase their wealth by developing...

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