Love And Infatuation Essay

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Love and Infatuation
In The Awakening, Edna is faced with temptations from various different directions. In the late 1800's, women were expected to be a perfect wife and a dedicated mother. Edna on the other hand breaks that tradition as she is confronted with emotions for two other men. The definition of love and infatuation will vary from person to person. One may think that love is a feeling of deep affection while another person may think it means to feel passionate towards another person. Infatuation is often a difficult word to describe. Some people believe that the definition of infatuation is similar to that of love while others will describe it as a short lived passion towards ...view middle of the document...

He tries to be supportive because that is the advice that Doctor Mandalet gives him, but he finds it difficult to be supportive of every choice Edna makes. The relationship between Edna and Léonce began with infatuation and there once was some love, but now all feelings towards each other are withdrawn.
Edna Pontellier thinks she is in love with Robert Lebrun. Love is always thinking about that one person and to be willing to give up everything to be with him/her. In The Awakening, Edna is always thinking about Robert, even when Robert is in Mexico, Edna constantly asked Madame Lebrun to see the letters that Robert sent because she wanted to see if he mentioned her at all. Edna was willing to risk her marriage and her reputation to be with Robert, she blatantly admitted to Madame Lebrun that she loved Robert. Love is also being able to truly know one another. It is being able to know each others emotions and how the other person will act in a situation. Edna was able to be her undeniable self when was with Robert. He didn't judge her for the way she acted, he didn't scrutinize all the ways that she didn't fit the perfect woman. Robert loved Edna for her real, genuine self. Robert left the note saying "I love you. Good-by--because I love you." because he was afraid to love Edna because she was a possession of her husband. He was willing to love Edna, but not ready to sacrifice everything for her. Infatuation is when one at first has an immediate attraction to the other person, but as time goes on they both realize that it probably will not work out...

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