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Love And Living Erich Fromm's Utopian Society This Paper Is 10 Pages Long Not Including The Abstract And Is In Apa Format

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AbstractIn the society that Fromm visualization of the sane person if a powerful image that was the main focus of his theory. He often was lead to this by events in his life and throughout is psychoanalytical career. Fromm was molded by his childhood and the coldness of his father and over loving connection with is mother. A traumatic event from his childhood started Fromm on the path of becoming preoccupied with the different aspect of the human personality. Fromm theorized that there were five distinctive nonproductive personality types that all people display that society has helped to create. Although his faith in God as lax Fromm did have a theory on a human characteristics he believed can rectify society the character of the fully loving person. The act of loving one’s self and well as others in the society was in Fromm’s opinion the only way to combat the feeling of isolation that man has from nature.Erich Fromm’s Utopian SocietyThe concept of the perfect society has been the focus of many scholars and intellectual for countless years. The great psychoanalysis Erich Fromm was no different; Fromm believed that the post war society was flawed. He theorized that the obsession of humans with possessions and capitalism had poisoned the society. He categorized the type of human illness into five characteristic types; these nonproductive human characteristics were the product of a society adapting to the surrounding the society lived in. Only the act of fully living could remedy the ills that society is in. Researches agree that Fromm is a great however neglected psychoanalyst. Fromm greatest theories stems from his own personal experiences in his life both pre and post war. He came to the conclusion that humanity and the ills of society were the result of an over obsessions with capitalism originating from a detachment of love. The remedy to this detachment in Fromm belief is to embrace love of self and other in a society. This paper will examine the following questions:1.What events in Fromm’s life lead to his pursuit of psychoanalysis2.What are the five types of nonproductive human characteristics that have stemmed from society3.What type of human characteristics did Fromm believe can rectify society4.Can a utopian society be created and maintainedA review of literary works written by Erich Fromm, peer articles and reviews of Fromm’s theories of human personality types and the bases of a utopian society will be used to answer these four questions.What events in Fromm’s life lead tohis pursuit of psychoanalysisBorn in Frankfort, Germany on March 23, 1900, Erich Fromm was the only child of an Orthodox Jewish couple. Fromm’s father was a wine merchant and his mother suffered from depression. Fromm categorized his parents as highly neurotic, stating that his childhood was not a particularly happy one. In his autobiography Beyond the Chains of Illusion Erich Fromm described two events that started him on the path...

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