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Love and Lust

Love and lust are two very strong words with very strong meanings. In this class we discussed whether or not the two are related. Love and lust are two words that go hand and hand in relationships. They are emotions that are interlocked with one another. Without one it is hard to have the other and it also seems that in order to be in and stay in love, one must desire or lust after their partner. Without that desire, love and the wanting to be with one's partner can fade away. In relationships both must be present, but it is important to understand these emotions and keep them in balance. It is also important to understand their similarities and their differences. Although they can both be defined using the word longing, love involves much more, including commitment. Lust is an emotion that can simply come and go in the blink of an eye and it is important, as with any emotion to control lust.
The word lust usually has a negative connotation. Being brought up in church I always thought of lust as a sin that should never be indulged in. However, after a lot of thought and development of my relationships, I have found that lust is not always a bad thing. Many of my classmates looked at the word lust and thought of it merely as having a sexual meaning. All words have more than one meaning and lust is the same way. Lust can be defined as sexual attraction or it can simply be the intense longing for someone else. I would hope that if I got married I would long after my spouse. If you define lust as merely sexual attraction it will always have a negative meaning and merely lusting after one's partner is not enough for the relationship to survive. I agree with my classmates that a relationship should not be based solely upon sexual feelings. I also liked the idea of testing a relationship. A classmate wrote that he once went for a long period of time without having sexual relations with his girlfriend. He said that this made him feel closer to her and realize that sex wasn't everything. I think that more college students need to understand that all relationships should not be based on sexual desires alone. In order to keep that relationship going it takes a lot more, love must be present. Love involves caring deeply about someone. It means putting them first in your life. One of my classmates mentioned lust for someone other than one's partner. They wanted to know what happens when you are already in a relationship and you find yourself lusting after someone new. I think that this kind of lust is a bad thing to get started in. I also believe, with another classmate, that there will come a point if it...

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