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In Hamlet both Hamlet and Ophelia are able to speak freely behind the mask of their madness. The reaction that Hamlet and Ophelia have regarding their fathers’ deaths is what drives them mad. Hamlet and Ophelia are also both children of controlling parents, and they are forced to do things they do not want to do. Their madness leads them both to their deaths. Although Hamlet and Ophelia are very different from one another, their madness serves a common purpose to mask and disguise their emotional agony but it ultimately leads to their tragic deaths.
The death of Hamlet’s and Ophelia’s fathers prompts their madness. The day Hamlet realizes that his father’s murderer is his stepfather and uncle overwhelms him. Therefore, he suggests to feign madness, “As I perchance hereafter shall think meet / To put an antic disposition on.” (I. V. 172-173) He pretends to be mad so that he can safely investigate his father’s murder without alarming others with his snooping. Ophelia’s madness begins when she realizes that her father is dead, “He is dead and gone, lady, / He is dead and gone, / At his head a grass-green turf, / At his heels a stone. / Oh, ho!” (IV. V. 26-30) She has a bad habit of constantly granting her father’s wishes without question, and heavily relies upon her father’s guidance. As a result, she loses her mind when he is gone. Hamlet’s and Ophelia’s loss of their fathers initiates their madness whether feigned or real.
Both Hamlet and Ophelia have parents who use controlling behaviours, which compel them to commit to acts they have no desire to do. Hamlet’s father, Elderly Hamlet, who is murdered by his brother Claudius, reappears in apparition, “But howsoever thou pursuest this act, / Taint not thy mind, nor let thy soul contrive / Against thy mother aught.” (I. V. 84-86) The ghost of elderly Hamlet reveals every detail about the punishment he suffers, which rouses Hamlet forward. Although Hamlet has the passion to avenge his father’s death, he is not ready, “Upon whose property and most dear life / A damned defeat was made. / Am I a coward?” (II. II. 525-530) Hamlet seems to be in a forced state due to the Ghost’s orders, which he relies upon his feigned madness for assistance. Additionally, Ophelia’s father, Polonius prevents Ophelia from seeing her lover Hamlet. Polonius manipulates her to try and solidify his and her position in the court, “’Lord Hamlet is a prince out of thy star. / This must not be.’ / And then I prescripts gave her,...

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