Love And Relationships In Sure Thing" By David Ives

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Relationships often fail. They are frail, unstable saplings when they first start out. Many couples won't make it very far. Even when they do, there seems to be never ending reasons for the pair to leave each other. Different backgrounds, tastes, and beliefs tear people apart before they get the chance to experience the sensation of love that is so desperately sought out. If two people cannot share these basic values, they may find it very difficult to continue dating. Then, the relationship is doomed already. This is proven brilliantly in the short play "Sure Thing" by David Ives. A bell is rung every time the conversation between the two characters say anything that ruins their odds of dating. The bell's constant ringing reveals how many things keep people apart.
Throughout history there is a story is repeatedly told in many ways: Two lovers from different backgrounds can't be together. The redundancy is due to the truth of how much a person's background is evaluated ...view middle of the document...

..from Pittsburgh —(Bell.) — Cleveland — (Bell.) — Westchester County?" It is apparent how easy it is to put off a potential partner simply by admitting your upbringing.
Opposites don't always attract. When looking for a significant other, people are usually trying to find someone who has similar interests. Betty is reading a famous novel and Bill names the wrong author; even worse, he then retorts that he likes sports more than reading. Ding! After many attempts Bill and Betty finally synchronize their feelings towards Faulkner which leads them to the rest of their disastrous conversation. Betty and Bill are on the brink of making plans for their first date when their taste in movies becomes a roadblock. Shared preferences makes it easier to hold conversations or enjoy an activity together. Without a common ground to build off of, the relationship is not going to blossom.
Personal beliefs are very concerning because they are personal. They can be signs of what type of person someone is and how they see the world compared to one's self. Of course, a big issue that people have with one another is their differences in political affiliation. "Straight-down-the-ticket Republican.— (Bell.) —Straight-down-the-ticket Democrat.— (Bell.) —Can I tell you something about politics?— (Bell.) —I consider myself a citizen of the universe — (Bell.) —I'm unaffiliated." It's nearly impossible to share 100% of beliefs with another person. Betty mentions being a Scorpio and triggers the sounding of the bell many times in a row. To Bill, her belief that the sun’s position relative to constellations at the time of birth affects the temperament and disposition of a person was a sign that she was unintelligent or lacking mental stability. Some differences are tolerable and some are deal breakers.
No relationship is going to be perfect. Each one will have its up's and its downs if it ever comes to exist. Half of the marriages in America end in divorce. Is it just because people aren't trying hard enough to maintain the alliance? That may be the case some of the time but more often than not, the situation falls out of the couple's hands. The relationship may fail due to uncontrollable factors such as backgrounds, tastes, or beliefs. These play an enormously important role in the affair that they cannot be ignored or denied forever.

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