Love And Sex Are Two Different Emotions That When Are Put Together They

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Love and sex are two different emotions that when are put together they
make an all around love relationship.


Love and sex are two different emotions that when are put together
they make an all around love relationship. Love is an emotional
feeling that a partner or both partners are feeling towards one
another. Sex on the other hand is a physical action that is taking
place between both partners. Men and women may have different views on
love and sex. In the short story, " I fell in love, or my hormones
awakened", a little girl has a crush on a young man. The short story
demonstrates the responses that men and women have towards love, lust,
and hate.

In this short story, the young girl who is a freshman in high school
believes she is in love with this young man who is a senior in high
school. Throughout the story she demonstrates how much she loves him
by her obsession to follow him around. He works at a market and she
would always make excuses to go to the market and purchase certain
items. The only reason she would go is to see her love. The young man
worked in the back and she would hang around just to see him walk by
the door. She was all excited when he talked to her but all he said
was excuse me. Throughout the whole story the young girl has this
crush on the young man but the young man is starting to realize this
and is thinking what to do about it. Love for women is something that
is very serious and delicate. Love for a man is basically not a big
deal until it becomes serious in a sense of marriage. This young lady
shows how much she loves him by always starring at him in the hallways
and he shows nothing when he is feeling something inside for this
girl. Basically what I'm saying is that it is not unusual for the
women to have the obsessive crush on the man.

The response that women and men have to lust can be the similar and
they can be different. Lust is apparent towards the end of this story.
The lust between the women and the man is when the play has ended and
the girl is waiting in the bathroom for everyone to leave. When she
hears the crowds voices diminishing she decides to walk through the
hallway to the exist. The hallway is dark and she can only see the
exist. While she's walking someone grabs her by the waist and turns
her around and...

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