Love Between Mother And Child Portrayed In Judith Wright’s Woman To Man

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Woman To Man delves into various fundamental aspects of the human condition as interpreted by Wright, exploring these defining concepts and attitudes from a vividly emotive female perspective. It is clear that the poet has drawn on her own immensely personal experiences as part of an intimate relationship, thus realistically portraying the sheer emotional intensity shared by a man and woman in love. Wright also evidently perceives the sacred bond between a mother and her child, forged through the wondrous creation of new life, as an innate and inescapable facet of the human condition.

The ultimate act of consummation between a man and a woman is depicted by Wright as the deepest and most profound expression of pure love that can be mutually partaken in by two fellow human beings. Such an event involves truly uniting the opposite polarities of human existence, male and female, in a selfless act that plays a crucial role in Woman To Man’s underlying interpretation of the human condition. There is an almost animalistic and primal yearning ingrained in the human condition for physical union between a man and woman, as exemplified by the juxtaposed symbolism of the male “hunter” and his prize, the “chase”, that he seeks. Such an attitude towards the physical facets of sexual passion is reinforced by the polysyndeton of “the strength that your arm knows, / the arc of flesh that is my breast, / the precise crystals of our eyes”, highlighting the magnitude of the bodily pleasure derived from this unification. However, there are clearly deeper and more emotionally significant ramifications arising internally, with the combined amorous fervour between male and female capable of producing an even greater gift, that of new life. The result of this procreation, “the third who lay in our embrace”, illustrates that it is as integral a part of their relationship as the man and woman themselves through its expression in a vague yet deeply personal tone. An ambiguous metaphor of ”blood’s wild tree that grows / the intricate and folded rose” can be interpreted in different contexts, as either sexual imagery representing the act of lovemaking or a vivid description of the unborn baby developing inside its mother. Enjambment of this sentence emphasises the wondrous nature of events unfolding in the mother’s womb, while further reinforcing the poet’s viewpoint that sexual union and the creation of life are elementally intertwined experiences. The sheer intensity of this process, as the collective humanity of both partners is metamorphosed on both a physical and emotional scale, is visibly depicted through the emotive tone and abrupt sentence structure of the poem’s final line, “Oh hold me, for I am afraid”. Thus, the deep-seated desire within the human condition for a duality of physical and emotional intercourse is presented by Wright as an intense driving force capable of bonding a loving man and woman in the most intimately possible manner.

Wright examines...

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