Love Contest: What's Love Got To Do With It?

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Shakespeare's King Lear opens with the 'Love Contest' in which Lear, King of Britain, sinfully surrenders all of this power to his three daughters - Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia as a reward for their public declaration of love towards him. This untimely abdication of his throne displays the manifestation of Lear's character, his mistakes, and the foreshadowing consequences leading to his downfall.Lear's character rapidly develops through the staging of the love trial. His state of insecurity and fear at old age develops his demanding scheme for the competition of empty, flattery love, which Goneril and Regan quickly seize to their advantage, and portrays his idiocy as both King and father. Lear's proud, egotistical nature overrides moral judgment as he fuels upon his daughters' extravagant lies and resulting blindness is evident through the banishment of his most beloved and honest Cordelia, as his "sometime daughter." (1.1.119) The King's stubborn, irascible temperament, "come not between the dragon and his wrath," (1.1.121) is evident as Lear banishes Kent, his loyal supporter, when he intervenes with rational words. The tragic frailty in King Lear's own nature is revealed through this opening scene, which sets the stage for his folly.Lear makes the decision to base his daughters' love on quantity, not quality is due to his distorted perception of its true meaning. "Which of you shall we say doth love us most?"(1.1.50) The faulty judgment of words being superior to action provokes the hypocritical, grand pronouncements of Goneril and Regan more pleasing to Lear and they are rewarded. Cordelia, the youngest daughter, who truly loves Lear,...

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969 words - 4 pages defeat the purpose. This is the main flaw of Donne's poetry. The poems are also similar in Donne's common techniques of the conceit, and use of wit. There are also similarities that act within poems of each field. The religious poems all share the theme of the sinfulness of the persona and the need to be free of sin before death. It is in this that the love poems have the slight advantage, as they fall into two categories - physical love in mental love. However, conclusively the overwhelming similarities of the poems prevent preferences between the genres of Donne's poetry.

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1252 words - 5 pages Do You Want Me BackIf You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda is a love poem the author dedicated to his homeland Chile during his exile because of his ties with the Chilean Communist Party. Although, it may seem like a love poem to his lover, if you look closely into his life you can start to see why this poem is based on his native country. This poem discusses the authors love for his country and the consequences that will come if the feeling is not

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1366 words - 5 pages because of love. It seems slightly ridiculous that just a single drop of the love potion can cause major changes. Shakespeare used this idea or technique to show us that love is fickle and forever changing, and therefore agreeing with the statement, because in highlighting this point, the play did make fun of love. This technique is consistent, suggesting Shakespeare had intended to do this.The love potion could have also been used to show how young

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775 words - 3 pages the vicinity of the embassy on that day. This was about 25% of the registered Soviet fleet. After a good 45 minute walk, we can categorically say that Soviets love Chevys.Chevys? Are we sure? Yes, over half of the cars parked with Soviet diplomatic tags proved to be Chevys. The Soviets seem to prefer the big models, or maybe all Chevys look big to us. Our Soviet sample preferred Malibu (24%), Celebrity (14%), and Impalas (8%). What else do they

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2406 words - 10 pages Now.A separate poem that there is no such love involved it is on a matter of sex and sexual morals.Different ways writing about love include:Our Love Now: Language and style written from left to right positive to negative the male character having the positive idea about the relationship and the women having the negative idea about the relationship depending on an ambiguous situation before the poem was written.*To His Coy Mistress: Language and

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666 words - 3 pages to the poet;this can be shown by the following phrases: " I love thee[...]" and "With my lost saints"(11-12). This can illustrate the aspect of hope, faith, and love in the relationship, as aSaint symbolizes a restorer of hope. This may show that the speaker has had pastrelationships and learned from them. The speaker may have gained hope and faith, and it is this quality, which she can bring to the relationship.The last six lines also portray

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904 words - 4 pages Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How Do I love thee?" This poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is one of many she penned for her husband Robert Browning. Using the basic form of an Italian sonnet with its fourteen lines and strict rhyme scheme - she manages to produce a surprisingly passionate poem. The poet begins with the question, "How do I love thee?"-and it is this which sets the mood of the sonnet, as she tries to quantify, and

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1050 words - 4 pages loves her future husband. She again references her spiritually by stating that she will love him after death, only if God will allow her to. It is left to one's imagination, how one could love someone more after their death. Obviously, she was completely comfortable with her faith and her love for Robert if she believed she would love Robert better after death.Cherished poems relate to shared beliefs and dramatic experiences so that by simply

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2433 words - 10 pages products one can consult this informative website, www.allforanimals/cruelfree.html. Without participating in the movement for Animal Rights can we really call ourselves animal lovers? When you consume animal products with the information given in this text can you really say that you love your animals?This paper was written in loving memory of my dog BoBo, and is dedicated to the billions dead and to the progress of the Animal Rights movement as a whole. With the facts presented in this paper it can only be said that we as Americans obviously don't love animals as much as we claim too.

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