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Love Essay

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Love Journal True love is something that I think is one of the most complicated things in the world. When you have never felt it, it can be the most inconceivable topic one might come across, but when you realize what it is, it becomes so clear and you begin to understand. Love is something that you know only when you've experienced it. Love is an expression ...view middle of the document...

Love is something that can make you do things that nothing else in the world can. Love can make you cry, love can bring you to your knees, love can make you do almost anything to retain it. For love is so powerful, it takes time to procure. The cliché "Love at first sight" is something that I, personally, do not believe in. It is a reflection of an infatuation with the way one looks rather that the way a person acts. You can never discover true love unless you look beyond their appearance and into their mind as well as their heart. "Love at first sight" heirs more to the side of lust rather than love.Love is more of a process as opposed to a spontaneous action. Love is something that takes shape and form over different events that two or more people share together that bring them closer thus creating a bond or love between them. After that, the love only gets stronger. If at a certain point, that love fades away it was never true love because true love really never dies.

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