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Love For Life Essay

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     Raised with strict family values, I cringe to phrases like, "I can’t wait to get my
children out of the house," or "As soon as my children reach 18, they are on their own."
I become shocked to discover that age defines the release date in which children are no
longer supported by parents. Children are the offspring to which parents give birth to in
life. Regardless of the age, an individual will always be a child to one’s mother or father
and should receive support until, and beyond, the age of being released into the world.
Support is the assistance provided on earth. In order to live happily in this world, one must
be supported or support themselves with food, a house, finance, security, approval,
acceptance, and love. These, all of which are determined by Abraham H. Maslow, a well-
respected psychologist, are the "hierarchy of needs." These are needs that everyone
should have the ability to acquire.
     Unfortunately, the much needed support from many parents are being cut off too
early. As a college student entering adulthood, I witness many peers facing very stressful
times of their lives. At this time of their lives, a number of peers have been "released"
from parental support, hoped to have been given to them until individual security was
found. Instead, many peers have found themselves desperately "on their own." This early
release from parental support comes at a crucial time to many, because it disrupts the
need to prepare themselves completely for society. To too many of my fellow students,
education and support is replaced by financial and emotional burdens. The weight of the
many hardships that arrive, restricts a clear thinking mind, necessary for education and
personal development. A child must have full support from the parents to gain knowledge
and security in the world. Immature detachment of parental support, will result in the
disturbance to acquire personal potential. Parents should think about the needs of the
children and continue to support them through the many lengths and levels throughout life.
     We live in a complex society where love, care, advice, and assistance are of
priceless value. Because living is about learning, parents should be available to their
children for understanding life’s dynamic possibilities. Parents helping their children learn
from their past experiences will aid them to become more knowledgeable of the world and
what to expect from it. The less parents teach children of past encounters, the more their
children tend to repeat life’s mistakes. Support should vary according to how much the
child needs in order to support him or herself. Though food, house, finance, and security
needs are met by the child, a parent should continue to be open with love and acceptance.
Should in one day all material items disappear, the most important...

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