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Love For Television Essay

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With advance technology, the world is more connect and people can access more information through media but it actually made the society more complex to understand. Television is just a tiny part of media but it does not just entertain us, it reflects the society that people are in. Stephen Garrett talks about how society has change the meaning of hero, “The word hero or heroic is routinely abused in the news, in sports reports and in conversation. A tabloid nonentity battles against drug addiction; a young substitute gets me a ticket for a sell-out concert. The ‘H’ word greets them all” (318). When someone constantly uses a word it eventually loses its meaning or changes its actual meaning. Many shows like the classical hero shows have lost its fame mostly because the viewers have constantly seen the plot repeatedly which leads to a loss of interest. It is difficult to find an American citizen of any age whose life has not been influenced by television. The book The Essential Sopranos Reader said, “Although such a plotline seems fairly straightforward, the story unfolds in a complex and often unexpected sequence of events. The underlying narrative is driven both by visual reference and by the progression of thematic scenes. Tension is created by segue, as less urgent aspects of narrative slow and accelerate information given to the viewer” (Levinson, Howard, Lavery 105). With the society so complex, people want to see a television show that resemblance their life. Sometimes the viewers want a television show that goes over the moral boundaries. The invention of television was one of the most profoundly culture-changing developments of the 20th Century, and it continues to shape society in both obvious and subtle ways. In the 20th century it is difficult to find an American citizen of any age whose life has not been influenced by television.
Current television shows reflects the popular culture. Popular culture is the ideas, perspective, attitudes and images that are within the mainstream of a culture. The article “Why We Love TV’s Anti-hero” said, “I believe TV drama to be a barometer of sorts to the age that gives birth to it. The heroes of today are radically different from those of two or three decades ago. They have evolved to represent a radically changed world” (Garrett 319). The invasion of the popular culture has been so powerful that many people get most of their information about the world through films and television shows. In the article “The New American Hero: Dexter, Serial Killer for the Masses” said,
Dexter, however, is not the kind of anti-hero that challenges moral ideals.1 Dexter’s character actually reinforces conservative ideals of morality, offering a clear differential between “good” and “bad” violence to a culture that is struggling to rationalize key political and social actions that have occurred after September 11, 2001. Dexter’s system of vigilante justice mirrors America’s current fascination with its own ideals...

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