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“Prayer in action is love and love in action is service.” –Mother Teresa. To me, service is an obvious outlet for love. I went into my CSP excited and ready to serve, only to be majorly disappointed. Over the summer, I volunteered at Overland Park Regional Medical Center in the Mother/Baby Unit because last year someone in my class did and they were able to hold the babies, as well as running errands for nurses, new moms, etc. This sounded like the dream service project to me, but the week before I started, the volunteer department completely changed. So, my service at OPRMC instead consisted of sitting at the desk in the waiting room, printing out nametags for visiting friends and family, ...view middle of the document...

Instead of growing more enthusiastic and open as I completed hours and came up with ways to spread around my love, I struggled to maintain the upbeat outlook I began with. Though I was trying to do anything and everything possible to feel useful, something felt off. So, I took it to prayer. During one of my early morning shifts, I brought a rosary with me to help me pray in the lulls of visitors. I offered that rosary up for all the little babies and new moms in the hospital, and those 53 Hail Mary’s lifted me up a bit. From that service hour on, I resolved to work to wholeheartedly believe in the small acts of love I was doing rather than just going through the thought out motions.
“Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction, persevere in prayer.” (Rom. 12:12). This is my favorite Bible verse and it really speaks to the change I made in my outlook. I was hopeful that something fruitful would occur out of my hours. I stuck with my desire to love even when it was hard, and I found inspiration by persevering in prayer. With a renewed belief in the service I had been willingly doing all along, I began to feel useful instead of disposable. Instead of sleepily restocking the coffee station,...

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