Love In All Its Many Forms

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Shakespeare does convey love intensely. The love the characters have for each other, no matter what form, is shown in many scenes, especially when a tragedy has just occurred. There are many different forms of love in Romeo and Juliet.One of the most important types of love in the play is the protective love Friar Lawrence and the Nurse had for Romeo and Juliet. It is because of this love that Romeo and Juliet were able to pursue their love and to get married. Friar Lawrence and the Nurse are also two of Romeo Juliet's closest friends and 'allies'. They are the people who Romeo and Juliet go to for advice. For example in Act 2 Scene 3 Friar Lawrence says "God pardon sin, wast thou with Rosaline?" which indicates that Romeo has gone to the Friar for advice before and that he obviously told him about his infatuation with Rosaline. Romeo also probably thinks of Friar Lawrence as a father. Friar Lawrence is also the first person Romeo goes to after he has met and fallen in love with Juliet. The Nurse is also the person who has looked after and raised Juliet since she was born. This reflects the fact that in Shakespeare's time it was common practice for mothers to employ a Nurse to raise their children, and for them to deal with all the children's problems and tantrums. Because of this Juliet trusts the Nurse implicitly; even Lady Capulet trusts the Nurse. This is shown in Act 1 Scene 3 when Lady Capulet wishes to speak to Juliet about marriage and sends the Nurse out, but she calls her back in at the last minutes. She says "This is the matter - Nurse, give leave awhile, We must talk in secret. Nurse, come back again, I have remembered me, thou's hear our counsel.Thou knowest my daughter's of a pretty age." But the Nurse breaks Juliet's trust when she suggests that Juliet should commit bigamy and marry Paris when Romeo is banished, in Act 3 Scene 5 the Nurse says "I think it best you married with the County.O he's a lovely gentleman.Romeo's a dishclout to him" The last part of this statement further angers Juliet and she become cold and distant to the Nurse and she also insults her after she has left, calling her an "Ancient damnation!" and a "most wicked fiend!" But you could interpret the Nurse's actions in two different ways, you could say that the Nurse was just being a coward and looking for a way out of the mess she got herself into, therefore preventing her from getting into any trouble, because if anyone found out about Juliet's marriage to Romeo and that she knew about it, she would be in very big trouble (most likely dismissed from her job). Or you could say that she was trying to help Juliet be happy and to prevent Juliet's heart being broken, because she knew that if Romeo did come back for Juliet, their parents could never know about their marriage and that they wouldn't be able to live in Verona since Romeo was banished. The Nurse could have also predicted that this wouldn't end in happiness but in tragedy; this means that the Nurse was...

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