Love In Anton Chekhov’s The Lady With The Dog

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Love has always been a controversial issue throughout centuries. However, it was, and is, still one of the most popular topics in literature.One cannot help but be reminded of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet when that particular topic is brought up, which is one of the finest examples on this topic. Despite all the literary works written about love, love itself remains unexplained. The questions “why” and “when” is often asked –it can usually be answered vaguely or deeply, but sometimes it remians unanswered. In Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen makes Mr Darcy, who has captured young girls’ hearts for decades, say “I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”, which is both very informative and a vague answer, when asked by his love of life. It is vague, because it doesn’t exactly answer the question “when”. On the other hand, it is a perfect answer to describe the mysterious nature of love.
Similar to the nature of love, some stories also don’t have a beginning or end. Anton Chekov has been acknowledged to be the master of this kind of stories. People sometimes describe those stories as “a slice of life”. The Lady with the Lap Dog, for that matter, is an example to both unexplained love and these kind of stories. We don’t know exatly what marks the beginning and end of both the story and the characters’ love. However, we can still speculate on the quesitons “when” and “why” by exploring several theories.
In order to understand the nature of Gurov and Anna’s “love”, the question of “Who seduced who?” needs to be answered. When looked at the story step by step, the answer would be Gurov, since he was the one that first laid eyes on the lady. However, when looked to the bigger picture, it can be said that they both seduce each other at the same time. They are both bored, and maybe curious. Gurov may be the first to approach, but Anna could have refused to take part in such an affair. Instead, she opens her life to Gurov, however reluctant, and thus begins the unlawful affair. Therefore, no matter how similar or different their reasons in entering such a relationship they have equal roles in starting it. Still, if there has to be someone to blame, it is Gurov, for approaching her in the first place.
The starting point of the love in the story is not clear, however, with the help of clues, it can be found. Still, there is a chance that Gurov had a Mr Darcy-kind of-love. There is even a parallel between the two character. Darcy is a rich man, caught up in the pride that his high class gives him; on the other hand, Gurov is described as a misogynist, so, he sees the women as a “lower race”. In Darcy’s case, he eventually falls in love with a woman with whom he initially refused to interact. On the other hand, Gurov, who likes being around women despite being misogynist, and who, never actually bonded with those women...

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