Love In Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother

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Parenting is one of the greatest honors, commitments, and trials a person will go through. It will test resolve, health, and even sanity but it can also provide the greatest sense of love and accomplishment in a person’s life. Whether a parent’s style is strict, laissez-faire, or somewhere in between, the choices made by parents for their children will leave their marks on the character and development of their children long into their lives. Amy Chua knew this. She also knew how dangerous it would be to her children’s future to raise them in a style that would leave them open to falling short of the opportunities they would start with due to her own, and her parents’, successes and she resolved not to allow this to happen on her watch (22). Although she has repeatedly, and sometimes correctly, been criticized for her parenting style, Amy Chua demonstrates throughout her book a definitively visible result and a love, though sometimes misconstrued, that is fully evident in all the dedication she has given to her daughters' development into outstanding people. Through exhibiting confidence in what her girls can achieve, maintaining great expectations of what they will accomplish, and most importantly devoting as much time as possible to directly raising the girls to be their best, Amy has shown that great love, coupled with great tenacity, given in a “Chinese mother” style, proved to make an enduring mark on her children’s development.
For the nature of a child’s psyche, strength is the assumption. This was basically how Chua classified one of the primary differences of “Chinese mother” parenting from Western styles (52). Most often Chua expressed it through believing her children already could do something and overriding any inclination from them otherwise. Whether it was drilling for math, or persistently criticizing their music practices, Amy always believed her daughters could accomplish what they didn’t know they could, especially Lulu. The eleventh chapter, “The Little White Donkey,” is Chua’s main point on the benefit of coercion tactics and persevering to accomplish what Amy was confident her daughter Lulu was capable of. In this case, Amy manifests confidence in a method atypical for Westerners: she believes Lulu proficient enough to master the piece and uses tactics of excoriation and threats on Lulu to motivate her to accept the premise and work from it. Even Jed, usually placid and supportive of Amy's parenting, gets criticism and is accused of not believing in Lulu when he tells her to let up on the haranguing (61). Beyond even Amy's own doubts, she continues in her diatribe and finds vindication in Lulu's sudden success and happiness in achieving the degree of mastery in the tricky technique needed to make the piece work. Lulu can play the piece correctly; and what’s more, she’s able to play “The Little White Donkey” as if it were her own. Although Chua’s methods upset not only her daughter but also her usually supportive husband,...

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