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Love In Exile By Bahaa Taher

1644 words - 7 pages

Throughout the narrator’s elaborate life; he experienced love, friendship, and sickness; as well as many other things described in his book: Love in Exile. This book discusses the different cultures and personalities that the narrator observes, the love of the narrator’s life, Brigitte, and the life of Bahaa Taher in general and the kinds of cultures he experiences.

The differences that the narrator observes are different from his life with his wife than from his life in Europe. Throughout his work in the Egyptian newspaper he was enjoying a good life with his family, receiving a fine salary while submitting regular articles to the Egyptian newspaper. His friend Ibrahim, with whom he had many strong conversations and arguments, is the one who visited him in Europe and with whom he spent a lot of time. Shadia, the most beautiful girl in the newspaper, was the one who got married to Ibrahim then divorced him years later. Shadia then carried on with her life, married the newspaper accountant and changed a lot when she became overweight and starting wearing clothes as fashionable as before.

The narrator’s life in Europe was very different in many ways. When he grew older and couldn’t meet his children more than once or twice a month, he went to Europe and starting working there as a journalist (Ṭāhir 10). He worked at a newspaper that provided him a low salary and would only publish 300 words a week of all what he wrote. Next he worked at another newspaper in Egypt, writing articles that reflect The British’s reactions towards the events happening In Egypt. After Ibrahim lived many years in Lebanon, he took a week of to observe London’s view of everything. When Ibrahim met the narrator as well as many other people at the Pedro Ibanz conference and observed their points of view, they both learnt many views about their countries, Lebanon, and Europe (Ṭāhir 16).

The magnificent author Bahaa Taher has received many awards, written many books, and lived in many countries. Born in Cairo, Egypt in the year 1935, Bahaa Taher was able to publish his first short story in 1964 (Bahaa Arab). After living in Switzerland in the 1980’s and 1990’s, He has recently returned to Egypt and received much literary acclaim (Bahaa Arab). Taher has received the State Award of Merit in literature and also received Egypt’s highest honor for writing in 1998 (Arabian). One of the most important prizes in Taher’s life was the Italian Giuseppe Acerbi Prize for his novel Aunt Safeyya and The Monastery in 2000 (Arabian). Taher was the first writer to receive the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2008 (Bahaa Web).
After retiring, Bahaa Taher came back to Egypt in the early 1990’s and was happy once again to return to his country (Amrani). Many writers at that particular time were writing mostly about politics whether if there writings were in the newspapers, magazines, or even in their own books (Amrani). These are famous writers like Alaa Al Aswani who was...

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