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Relationships are complex. People often say and do things they do not mean, to the people they love. Things are said that can't be taken back and were only thought of after they were said. Every relationship goes through a rough time. No one is perfect and emotions fluctuate. When relationships are going well, it can be like heaven. When relationships aren't going well, tensions get built up and regrettable things can be done. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the characters said and did some mean things. After having time to reflect on what they had done, they often regretted it. But despite the devious and hurtful ways the characters acted toward each other, they still expressed love toward each another. This was shown through the relationships of Laertes and Polonius, Polonius and Ophelia, and through Ophelia and Hamlet. Although the relationship between Laertes and Polonius showed deceit, there was evidence of love. Polonius' character was shown as a devious, spying character throughout the play. His spying inhibition was what ultimately got him killed, when he was hiding behind an arras and Hamlet stabbed him. One of Polonius' first deceitful actions, was against his own son, Laertes. Polonius hired a spy, Reynaldo, to go to France to spy on Laertes. Polonius even went as far as to tell Reynaldo to spread a few lies to get to the truth about what Laertes was doing. "Your bait of falsehood takes this carp of truth: and thus do we of wisdom and of reach, with windlasses and with assays of bias, by indirections find directions out." (II.I.63-66) Despite the devious and deceitful actions taken by Polonius, there was still love. The relationship Laertes and Polonius had with each other went beyond deceit. Laertes best shows his love for his father, by his reaction to his father's murder. Immediately after Laertes got the news that his father had been murdered, he returned to Elsinore wanting to avenge Polonius' death. Laertes was furious and demanded to know who killed his father, so he could get his revenge."How came he dead? I'll not be juggled with; to hell allegiance! Vows, to the blackest devil! Conscience and grace, to the profoundest pit! I dare damnation: to this point I stand, that both the worlds I give to negligence, let come what comes; only I'll be revenged most thoroughly for my father" (IV.V.128-134) Although Polonius was not always honest toward his son, Laertes still loved him. The father/son bond they had with each other wasn't easily broken. It took death to break the love that they had. The relationship between Ophelia and Polonius is yet another example of love hidden under the deceitful actions of an individual. Again, the devious side of Polonius was shown through his actions. Polonius never approved of Ophelia's love for Hamlet. He didn't want to see his daughter get hurt by Hamlet. As a result, Polonius ordered Ophelia to give him the love letters that Hamlet wrote to her. He insisted that...

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