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"Love, In The World Of 'dinner At The Homesick Restaurant' Is A Destructive Force."

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Love has the power to heal; however the experiences of the Tull family in Anne Tyler's 'Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant' demonstrate the destruction and pain that individuals can also encounter as a result of this force.The novel's opening chapter focuses on Pearl Tull and the scars left by her failed marriage. In an effort to disprove her relatives' suggestions that 'she would be an old maid' (pg 4), she found herself almost running down the aisle with a man 6 years her junior. At the time 'she felt reckless and dashing' (pg 5) but a few years down the track and 3 children later, Pearl was a single mother with a part-time job and a depleting self-esteem.After Beck left her, Pearl's determination (perhaps even stubbornness) willed her on, amidst the emotional debris; however things only got harder for the Tull family. The destruction that love had left behind affected her children and their futures just as much as it had hers. Jenny described her mother as a 'dangerous person -hot breathed and full of rage and unpredictable' (pg 71) and each of her children's accounts reveal physical and emotional abuse to some extent.Pearl was very conscious of the way her family was viewed by others and throughout her life strived to create the appearance of a 'happy family' (pg 9). By the time of her death, she seemed to have accomplished this, with all of her children having successful careers and even managing to convince their father of the 'happy family' illusion. However memories of a disturbing childhood would remain in the minds of her children forever -and all in the name of love.Although all three children 'felt her stinging slap' (pg 71) on more than one occasion in their childhoods, Ezra was the child with which she made the strongest connection. He had always been the 'enduring, uncomplaining sort' (pg 77) but he too came up against the destructive force of love. Girls were not of much interest to him until he met Ruth Spivey -the 'country cook'. Despite his mother's initial bitterness, they became engaged and Ruth was introduced to the family.Unfortunately one introduction had a less-than desired effect; the eldest son Cody, also scarred by his parents' broken down marriage, saw his opportunity to 'get even' with his brother. Cody had a ridiculous mindset that Ezra was responsible for most of the things that had gone wrong in his life and consequently, developed a relationship with his fiancée that quickly led to a change in grooms, two unhappy brothers and a misfit bride.The acquiescent Ezra was left devastated by the only love he'd ever experienced, while the triumphant Cody didn't feel as victorious as he'd imagined he would. His marriage did not end, solely on the grounds that they were so interwoven, it would be irrational for them to leave each other; however Cody was...

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