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LoveEvery living things in this world will fall in love, no matter human or animal. It is a feeling or attraction towards the opposite gender. Actually that is how supposed to be but in this 21st century love can happen between same gender, namely homosexual(gay or lesbian), bisexual and heterosexual. Love plays an important role in every person's life. For some it might end as happy and for some sad ending. The story below also is something different than usual love story.There is a girl from middle class family, whereby staying nearby to a famous Indian temple area. Let just name the girl as "Bubu". Bubu is a friendly, social, outgoing person but her family members are right opposite of her character. They are typical Indian family. They are orthodox family where follow tradition and culture strictly. For bubu, she only follows that logic to her and if it doesn't make any sense she will denied to do that. Bubu lives her life like all normal girl does but it only for some time. When she was in form five, her father fall in sick and had to quit form his job. So she had to face so much problems as in finance too. She went through a rough time. After her SPM, she had no choice than to start to work. She start working at age of 17.Days passed, finally Bubu got a job that makes her life better. At age of 20 she became an assistant manager and earn good money. With that money she supports her whole family. While she was happily working with her work till he came across this guy named "Buby". Before going deep into the story let me gave a little introduction about this Buby.Buby actually from a rich family and most important part he is a Punjabi. His father is a general manager in a famous company and mother is secondary school teacher. His parents are orthodox family and they strictly follow their culture.Now the best part how "Bubu" and "Buby" met each other and where they met up? Since its 21st century internet is a medium for all. Using this people made a lot friend across the world. Example of social networking which famous among all are Facebook, Twitter and so on. So it all start with social networking. The only thing that they both argue till now is who added first or send friend request first?The story begun, when Bubu added Buby or the other way around on Facebook. The first day itself, they started to chat. In the chatting Buby mentioned that he going to do his foundation in one of the international university, located in Bukit Jalil area, similarly Buby going to continue her studies there as well. So she asked him why not we exchange our numbers so that it will be easy for us to communicate each other since both of us wont know anyone in that university. So they exchange numbers. The moment Bubu gave out her number, Buby rang her and they continued their conversation on the phone.For a week, both keep on contacting and messaging each other. Bubu just see him as a friend and treat him as she treats her other guy friends of her. For Buby, its...

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