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Love Is A Catalyst For Change

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Love is a catalyst for change, love of self and love of country bring about change to end injustice so everyone can be treated the same, and people can enjoy the same rights and privileges of others regardless of their racial and economic background This issue is transparent in Dr. Martin Luther King's 1963 masterpiece "Letter from Birmingham Jail" and the author's use of language clearly surfaces the connection between this most precious human feeling and his desire to change the system. Throughout the letter, Dr. King applies his extensive knowledge of the Bible, history and literature as allusion to express his love for God, justice and humanity. As an explanation for his presence in Birmingham jail, Dr.King states, "Like Paul, I must constantly respond to the Macedonian call for aid." In this bible allusion, he is using the symbol of St. Paul who, according to the New Testament, has a vision of a man come begging him to come to Macedonia to help the people and he is arrested while preaching the word of God and jailed. Dr. King's implication of this reference is that because of his love for God and humanity, just like St. Paul, he must act to help the people of his community no matter the consequence. Tran 2 Dr. King's love for God and his church does not restrain him from vigorously criticizing the so called "white moderate" in his church . To him, the white moderate is worse than the people of ill will (Martin Luther King 640). By saying that, Dr. King argues that the white moderate is not only obstructing the change but also inflicting great harm to his desegregation mission by misinterpreting the teaching of God and his church. In his argument, his peaceful action can not be condemned because they precipitate violence , in his word, "isn't it like condemning a robbed men because his possession of...

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