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Love Is Blinding Essay

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Love is Blinding
It isn’t easy to recall the past, especially if something hasn’t quite healed. Kaley was a twenty three year old women who has recently divorced her husband and was open to dating. Kaley was happy after being tied down and she felt free, but there was an issue in which it made Kaley different; Kaley was blind. Kaley lost her vision when she was three years old and ever since she has tried to live a normal life and the outcome was that she felt like a normal person she had become accustomed to how she lived life. After her divorce Kaley knew that she had to put herself out there and be a confident person about herself and be with someone who appreciates her no matter her ...view middle of the document...

Hours went by and both went on and on about themselves until the coffee shop announced they were going to close soon. Standing outside the café he asked her when they would be able to see each other again. Kaley was happy to hear he asked to see her again, she had enjoyed being with him she had no regrets coming to see him in fact she felt like it was the best decision she had made in years.” I don’t know when do you think we can meet up again?”
“Well I was thinking we could meet up at my place next Friday? Only if it’s fine with you if not we can meet up in some other place”
“Sounds like a plan. see you next Friday”
“Would you like me to take you home?”
“No its ok my house is not so far from here I can walk.”
“No I can take you it’s no problem, plus its getting dark and it would be best if I could take you home, I will be more calm knowing I took you home and that you’re at home safe rather than have you walk home alone and not knowing if you arrived home safely .”
Kaley knew this relationship would work it was the first date and he treated her with so much care, but then Kaley began to think what if he is just being nice because it’s the first date most guys change after
the first date, Kaley thought this to herself I must get to know him better before I come into conclusion; she realized she had kept him waiting for some times and she responded “fine, only if you insist.” Kaley arrived at her house and she began to think about the date she remembered feeling warm inside after he had told her he would take her home. She began to feel butterflies in her stomach and asked herself
whether she had really fallen in love with a stranger she had spoken to online and actually met for the first time.She didn’t want to think about it as her falling in love with a stranger but she would think about him quite often and could not wait until friday ,but friday arrived sooner than expected.
Erick heard the doorbell and he rushed to the door he greeted Kaley and asked her to take a seat “ Hey Kaley how was your week?”
“ it was fine how was yours?”
“it was fine it just took to long i couldn't wait to see you?”
Kaley would blush when she heard such things the two talked shortly after talking she went into the kitchen table and he helped her walked into the table. Kaley was falling for him too fast all the little things he made her fall for him she could feel that soon there would be true love. Meanwhile in the table she felt around the table and she felt this paper type thing she could feel that it was a rectangle...

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