Love Is Dead Essay

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Insanity weaves itself through the zombie apocalypse as a man loses himself in a vain attempt to save the woman he loves.

Act I
A party rages in typical, parents are out of town, high school fashion. FRANK stands beer in hand, alone up against a wall, staring across the party at KELLY, who has her arm around a guy chugging a canned beer. Finishing the beer and headbutting the can repeatedly he, “WHOO”s as the party cheers. JOEL comes over and attempts to rescue Frank asking him to forget her for a night and just enjoy the party. Frank laments the choice in men Kelly makes and wishes he could just be with her for a night. Through it all a news telecast talks about a new disease that is: ...view middle of the document...

Frank and Kara begin looking through the drugs attempting to create a plan and decide on the types of drugs they should try, how exactly they will get Kelly to consume them, and how if this works they could save many lives. Lee and Joel return chased by zombies and in the fight to secure the door the glass is broken. The realization that the door is not entirely secure leads them to need a person up at night to ensure that the board covering the window is not compromised.

Frank volunteers to stay up on guard, and begins taking all manner of stimulant ADHD medications (Adderall, Ritalin…) to make it through the night working on Kelly. One night becomes two becomes three, and he realizes that the combination does not matter if there is no way for him to get Kelly to eat the pills, meat is required.

Kara helps Frank select pills and tells him that she is worried that he is becoming obsessed. She reminds him that this might not work and that he needs to sleep. Frank snaps telling her that he will make it work and to butt out of his life if she is not going to be positive. She tells him she is just worried about him and that he needs to be aware of the reality of the world they are in.

Cracks begin to show as Frank, again up at night and taking large amounts of pills, sits talking to Kelly. He professes his love and responds to her groans as if she is speaking to him. Kelly seems to be asking Frank for human flesh, and Frank tells her he will try to find a way to save her. Frank seems to think that zombie Kelly wants to give him a blowjob and begins to zip down his fly and walk toward her gnashing teeth as Joel walks in. Frank zips up and tells Joel that he needs flesh, and, lying, says that he thinks he has figured out the correct pills to fix her but needs meat to feed the pills to her in.

Frank is losing his ability to feign sanity, and Joel is slipping from human to zombie. Lee again says they need to go on a supply run Frank offers to go; however, his lack of sleep and increasing erratic behavior leads Lee to tell him to stay here and get some sleep. As Lee and Joel prepare to leave, Lee gives a gun to Kara and tells her to be careful around Frank. After they leave Kara overhears Frank talking to Kelly and that he is trying to find flesh for her. She confronts Frank about this and as his insanity is revealed she holds him at gunpoint pleading with him to think about what he is doing. Their confrontation is interrupted by Lee and Joel returning chased by zombies.

Kara runs to the door to open it for Lee and Joel, as she does a zombie grabs her from around the side of the building. They all begin fighting the zombies off except Frank. He stares at the party and when they are all turned away from each other he attacks Kara knocking her unconscious. As the battle continues he drags her into the back room with Kelly and beats her ruthlessly, stuffs a...

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