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Love is like the ocean. When tranquil, it can bring you peace and comfort"¦peace and comfort that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. However, when turbulent, it can cause so much fear of uncertainty.Love is like the appearance of the ocean: it is beautiful, and it can be thrilling. For instance, when a man looks out into the harmonious ocean, he sees the oscillation of the waves. Waves that don't seem to have an endpoint, but continues to flow with growing intensity and strength. The source of these waves can be neither seen nor felt, but the observer without question captures the beauty and calmness that comes with its presence. In such a manner, one may also feel a sense of serenity when he/she encounters love. A peace of mind can satisfy them. Additionally, the development itself of love and the ocean are alike. Little by little, the waves of the ocean can grow as winds may intensify. In the same manner, love evolves from minute infatuations and occurrences and develops into deep passion. In addition, in the ocean, the waves' appearance and direction of flow can change as time goes by. Just like these waves, love changes as well. For example, while old waves reach the shore with a crash, new waves are being created. This is like losing the "old feelings" a person used to have; yet at the same time, new affection develops. I think that love is like the ocean because of its ability to create waves. When a wave is at its peak, it is a beautiful sight. You might just have the sudden impulse to jump right into it; such is the feeling of love. On the other hand those same waves might get out of control, leaving you with the feeling as if you were being sucked into the currents. The fear that emerges from such forceful waves makes you want to take cover...

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