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Love Is Love Essay

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Love is Love

The power of love is a strong thing that can alter a person’s life and that is showcased quite often within books such as Les Miserables and Great Expectations. They also proved how different love can be for different people. Not necessarily saying one works better than the other, but how it can truly affect your life or even others around you. Pip idolizes Estella and therefore it causes him to change himself to fit her needs. On the other side of things, Marius and Cosette possess a very pure love where acts of love eventually bring them together. They couldn’t be more different.

Love is the driving force in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations novel. There’s many different ...view middle of the document...

Romanticism that was introduced within the 19th century was one that focused on the importance of imagination and the feeling you have around the other person. Emotion and passion was praised over what seemed correct. Marius grew up in a richer household while Cosette was an orphan and even homeless for some time. It didn’t matter though. All they knew was that they felt a connection and had true love for one another. Victor Hugo captured the romantic vision of love which is pure and ideal. What is an interest suddenly becomes something of a necessity such as air and water. Marius falls in love with Cosette by seeing her casually walk through a garden with her father. Eventually, after he can’t take not being with her, Marius writes Cosette a beautiful love letter expressing his steadfast love for her. Victor Hugo’s example of love is exaggerated, but he proves how when you love, you can’t hold it back and it consumes you whether you like it or not. Love is pure and relentless.

Although both Marius and Pip have shown that they love the girls they’re interested in, one learns how it can hurt him. Pip has trouble gaining Estella’s attention, thus he begins to doubt himself and start to harshly judge his outbound appearance. Pip states, “I took the opportunity of belong alone in the courtyard to look at my coarse hands and my common boots. My opinion of those accessories was not favorable. They had never troubled me before, but they trouble me now, as vulgar appendages.” (Dickens 51) Obviously this is harmful behavior and could lead to much worse things. Unfortunately, Pip can’t control it. His love for Estella is so deep that he’ll do whatever it takes to be with her, even if it means changing everything about himself. Marius and Cosette though, have interest in each other from the very beginning which is displayed within the book. Victor Hugo says, “They confided to each other in an ideal intimacy, which nothing could augment, their most secret and most mysterious thoughts. They related to each other, with candid faith in their illusions, all that love, youth, and the remains of childhood which still lingered about...

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