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Love Is Like...The Universe Essay

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Love is like the world around us. It is genuine and wonderful at times, while at others, it is damaging and painful.The cosmos defines itself with a set pattern and explanation; just like the night sky, love has its own characteristic and style. For instance, the universe holds within it a plethora of celestial bodies. Just like the cosmos, love branches off into many distinct feelings. The galaxy doesn't consist of planets alone; it contains asteroids, stars, and black holes. Similarly, love doesn't consist of just an intimate affection towards one's parents, but also involves feeling a deep passion for a friend or even an object. Also, the formation itself of love and the galaxies are alike. Little by little, the cosmos is formed by the little pockets of gas which grow until they form clouds. In the same manner, love evolves from minute infatuations and occurrences. Both are revealed little by little over time until you start looking at the entire picture.In addition, in the galaxy, the constellation's positions and appearance change as time goes by, and just like the cosmos, love changes as well. For example, while old stars die, new stars are created. This is like losing the "old feelings" a person used to have. Yet at the same time, new affection develops. Furthermore, changes in the galaxy are very subtle; in the identical fashion, love matures in a delicate, but in a very precise way. It takes a very long time for the universe to change the way it...

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