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Love Is Not Imppossible Essay

944 words - 4 pages

“It will NEVER happen between the two of us!” exclaimed Sandi. “You have to talk to him,” said Tracy. Sandi is a fourteen year old girl and is very shy. In her free time she likes to play X-box. Tracy is an outgoing girl and loves photography. They are really great friends and always talk with trust. Both of them think that Ben would never date Sandi. Ben was popular and good looking. Every girl wanted to date Ben, but Ben had not found the right girl. Sandi had a huge crush on Ben since seventh grade. Tracy was the first one to know. Ben and Sandi never talked to each other. That made it very hard for Sandi to get close to Ben. Everytime Ben walked past Sandi, she would stare and see a mirage.

“Come on Sandi! You need to talk to him and tell him how you feel,” said Sandi. “ NO never! I will never get to date Ben,” said Sandi. “ I can drop hints at him,” said Tracy. “No, it`s fine,” said Tracy. “RING, RING,RING.” The bell rang. Tracy and Sandi walked out of class to enjoy their break. Ben walked past and Sandi almost passed out. Tracy and Sandi gossiped almost all the time. “You should sit by Ben and talk to him,” said Tracy. “That is a smart idea, but I am scared that he will not like me,” proclaimed Sandi. “Well, at least tell him how you feel,” said Tracy. “ I don't think I will have the nerve to do it,” said Sandi.

Sandi felt glum and wanted to tell Ben everything she felt for him. Ben was always hanging out with popular people, that made it difficult for Sandi. One day, Sandi overheard her classmates say that Ben has never had a girlfriend. Sandi looked for Tracy, she could not wait to tell Tracy about what she heard. “TRACY!!!” yelled Sandi. “What Do you want?” asked Tracy. “I found out that Ben has never had a girlfriend before!” screamed Sandi. That is not true!” said Tracy. Tracy thought that was non sense. Sandi was even more excited to like Ben.

Ben was a splendid guy and he was very intelligent. Sandi liked Ben so much that she wanted to yell it out to the world. Tracy knew that Sandi liked Ben and there was something that needed to be done. Sandi was very stubborn and she was always stressing. Sandi always stared at Ben during her classes and Ben does the same. Sometimes, Ben daydreams and casually stares at Sandi. Tracy always looks at Ben and he is almost always staring at Sandi. Sandi would love to ask Ben if he likes her, but she is afraid. Tracy and Sandi have said that they were going to tell Ben, but they never do it.


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