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Remember the days when you were old enough to know what it meant when people said they fell in love. Grandpa used to tell the stories of how he courted grandma and their love began. Grandma would blush telling you stories about deep-hearted love letters grandpa had sent her. Now, fifty years later they are still completely infatuated with each other bonded by love that will last an eternity. Lately, technology is starting to changes those stories. Soon our stories will be about how grandpa logged on to and found a sexy woman who seemed to have all of the same interests with her love for Italian food and fluffy poodles. Technology is morphing our interactions and relationships with each other into board game that we are allowed to quit. We must not teach the younger society that this is a norm to live by.
Technology is not always bad, the advances in the past few decades are unbelievable. It is saving peoples lives, returning injured professional athletes to their sports in rapid amounts of time, and allowing people with severe disabilities to enjoy life at a much higher level. This rise in technology is advancing faster then we can see it. People are so intrigued by the creations that ten years prior were merely in their dreams; like finding a long lost friend on Facebook, enabling them to reconnect.
Unfortunately, this awe is blinding people from reality. It is blinding us as a society to what it means to have a true social interaction. We are afraid to show who we truly are. Society has made us so afraid of rejection that we would rather not even try. Facebook and social media are giving us the ability to edit or lives, to show people what we want to be. And us as Americans don’t exist with moderation. So without us knowing we are morphing society as a whole. Some people slip through the cracks and find a tight bond with someone that they met through the Internet, but it is because they actually spend true time with those people and show their vulnerable sides, which are hidden through overuse of social media. The problem with hiding who we truly are behind technology is that when we actually meet people we can’t hide it anymore and we become anxious. Most people with social anxiety escape by having the phone right by their side, so they have that out if a situation becomes too uncomfortable; a cozy little safety blanket.
Today, each day children are born into a new more technologically advanced world, and it is all they know. Technology is relied on every day, from the machines in the hospital the day we are born till sending us college students sending homework in on blackboard; without it we risk death and failure. We are not completely messing up it is just all we know. To most writing a letter with ink and paper is something from a history book. Our present society has a different perspective of what a true social interaction is than our elders. Back in the day, when grandpa was there age,...

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